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Things to Look for in the Geneva Bible Facsimile Reproduction

In the history of Bible translations, the Geneva Bible occupies a special place. It preceded the KJV ( King James Version ) by 51 years. Considered the most influential Bible, which was also the primary Bible of 16th century Protestantism, the Geneva Bible found its users in Oliver Cromwell, William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John Donne, and John Knox.

This was the first English Bible that had its scriptures segregated into numbered verses. Since its publication was an enormous achievement, owning the  1560 Geneva Bible  is worth every dime you spend to acquire it. But not everyone will find its steep price affordable.

For them, a facsimile reproduction of the Geneva Bible will be worth considering. This Bible was widely read throughout the 16th and 17th centuries...

Where to Buy the 1611 King James Bible Facsimile

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2023-01-17
Where to Buy the 1611 King James Bible Facsimile

Buying an antique Bible like the 1611 KJV may not be possible for everyone despite their desire to own the original piece. However, you don’t need to feel disheartened as a 1611 King James Bible facsimile can be the best alternative to buying the original. This way, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank and yet own a piece of history.

Whether you want to  buy a 1611 King James Bible facsimile  for your personal library or give it away as a gift to a friend or family member, you should be careful about where you buy it from. This is especially true if you are buying a rare Bible for the first time and don’t know the things you should check to ensure it’s indeed an authentic facsimile of the 1611 KJV.

It always helps to know a few things about the original book when you are planning to buy its facsimile, and it’s no...

Why Should You Own the 1611 KJV Bible?

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2023-01-17
Why Should You Own the 1611 KJV Bible?

The 1611 KJV Bible continued its popular run for over 400 years. Even today, those looking for rare and antique Bibles are pleased to have the earliest KJV Bibles among their collections. It’s a collectible that’s worth displaying in your personal library or even gift to your loved ones.

Also called the  King James Bible  or  King James Version , this 1611 Bible is perhaps the world’s most printed book and has become a dominant Bible ever since it was published. If you plan to buy it, it will be prudent to know its features, what makes it so special, and find a reliable dealer of rare and antique Bibles.

If you can’t wait to own a part of history by getting the  1611 KJV Bible , here are a few things you should know about...

Know All About Collecting Ancient Bible Pages

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2023-01-16
Know All About Collecting Ancient Bible Pages

People looking to acquire a rare Bible page are driven by diverse reasons. Some believe it’s an unparalleled joy to possess a historical piece of the “Word of God” and share it with others while for others, such a page could be an antique item worth buying.

A handful of people also want to get hold of a rare Bible page to honor those martyrs who were imprisoned, tortured, and burnt at the stake just because they decided to help the common people get easy access to the “Word of God.” For these people, possessing an antique Bible page is a way to show they respect those who worked fearlessly and untiringly to translate, print, publish, and make the published copies accessible to the commoner.

Whatever be your reason, knowing a few things will help you make an informed choice.

Ancient Bible Page Collection -Who Started It?                                                                  

Ancient Bible page collectors typically...

Why Should You Buy a Facsimile of Bible KJV

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2023-01-16
Why Should You Buy a Facsimile of Bible KJV

When you consider buying a rare Bible, KJV could be the first thing that pops into your mind. However, its steep price may deter you, like many other enthusiasts. But there’s nothing to feel disheartened about as you can always get a facsimile of the original KJV. Whether it’s for your personal library, to gift a loved one, or satisfy the strong desire of owning a piece of history, buying this Bible is worth every dime.

The King James Bible has been loved and read by people for more than 400 years and attracts your eyes for its splendid cadences and grand phrasing. The influence this Bible has on our language and theology can perhaps be compared to no other book.

If you are considering buying a facsimile of the original  1611 King James Bible  but aren’t yet sure why you should, here are a few things to know that can help you decide.

Features of the Original 1611 King James Bible (KJV)...

Why Buy the 1560 Geneva Bible Facsimile

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-29

If you consider the Protestant Bible translation’s history, the Geneva Bible stands tall. It was the first English Bible, where the scriptures were divided into numbered verses. Its publication was a huge accomplishment, which makes owning the  1560 Geneva Bible facsimile  reproduction worth it.

Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the Geneva Bible was the most dominant and widely read English Bible. It played a significant role in promoting scripture literacy among the common people of England.

This was the first time when a Bible came equipped with study resources to help England’s common people easily understand the scriptures. The marginal notes of this Bible included around 300,000 words. This was close to one-third of the text.

These notes were one of the principal reasons behind the soaring...

Key Things to Know About Foxe's Book of Martyrs

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-29

John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs emphasizes the stories of faith and courage. It talks about courageous men and women who were tortured and killed due to their faith and confessions of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior during  Queen Mary’s  reign. To understand why this book was read widely during the 16th and 17th centuries, you should know some key things about this book.

Purpose of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

Through the simple stories of martyrs, Foxe’s book aimed to bring forward what Protestantism represented.  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs  also showed a strong yearning to return to Christianity’s true teachings and reject what Protestants believed to be the Catholic Church’s corrupt practices.

What Makes Foxe’s Book of Martyrs Special?


William Tyndale - the Father of the English Bible

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-29

William Tyndale was a scholar who went to the University of Oxford. He could speak seven languages and was skilled in ancient Greek and Hebrew. He was a priest who led a disciplined life and was blessed with intellectual gifts, which could have taken him a long way in the church if he had not felt the compulsion to teach his countrymen the good news of justification by faith.

Tyndale discovered this doctrine when he read his mentor, Erasmus’s Greek edition of the New Testament. He felt there wasn’t a better way to share this message with the men and women in his country than to create an English version of the New Testament and put it into their hands. And this became  William Tyndale’s  passion in life.

William Tyndale’s Work and Bible Translations

Tyndale raised objection to the Catholic Church’s control of the Latin scripture and the ban against an...

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