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Family Bibles - A Treasured Tradition

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-10-11

For at least a century, from the late 1880’s until the 1980’s, the time-honored American tradition of having a large “Family Bible” on prominent display in most Christian households was part of our culture as Americans and our heritage as Christians. That big “Family Bible” stood as a silent witness to all that home’s visitors, demonstrating without speaking a word that this home was a Christian Home. Often family records of births, deaths, and marriages were penned into the blank pages at the front or back.

Decline of The Family Bible

Then, in the 1980’s… the economically booming “Reagan Years”, the “Me Decade”… something happened.  That rich tradition of proudly displaying a very large Bible in the Christian Home just fell out of favor.  Sure, we still had the hand-sized Bible that we take to church and back home, which we kept on the nightstand, or on a shelf.  But the unapologetically huge...