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The 1611 King James Bible

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-08-06

The English King James Bible is the best selling book in history, by an extremely wide margin. With multiple billions of copies in print, no other book can claim even one billion copies in print. Even more impressive, the King James Bible remains one of the most popular translations of the Bible today, in spite of being in an archaic dialect of English that is well over four centuries old. There is simply no more beloved, influential, or widely read book in the world.

King James Bible, KJV Bible, AV Bible: Many Names

Also known as the King James Version Bible, the KJV Bible, the Authorized Version, The AV Bible, etc; the King James Bible is often associated with the year 1611 in which it was originally published. The original 1611 Version of the King James Bible however, ceased publication in the early 1600’s (with the except of some modern...