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 "The Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart by JB is official! 1 Jan 2016! ... these are the artists in the Indie Gospel Network that have songs loaded on their pages that you can hear. You can also "background" the Indie Gospel Top 20 playlist while surfing as well ... pretty cool.. thank You all for your prayers! Enjoy listening to Indie Gospel;s Top 20 Chart!  In Him, James


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JUNE 2018 Top 20 Chart

user image 2018-06-16
By: James Banfield
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JUNE 2018 Top 20 Chart

Here is the top 20 Chart listed in order.... from my spread sheet .... I am already woring on July's now. if you have a new song that you have uploaded onto Indie Gospel please let know so we can check it out to see it will be a qualifier for the upcoming Top 20 list. I'm trying to rotate them a little faster to get more songs into the mix thru the year.... when you see H/M that means it is a new song on the current chart of which we have 5 during this month.. See ya later....  Thank You  JB

1 3 Faith and Stone highest Debut 4 year Debbie Bergone
2 4 Lost in the Sand Kelly Matthews
3 6 A Thorn on a Rose Joesph Beggs
4 2 Tempered Steel Rebecca Grifftis
5 7 Did He Ever Think Of Home Jim Sheldon
6 1 Feel the Nails * * * Mark Athony Brown
7 8 We will See In Eternity Everett Adams
8 13 I'll follow Jesus Glenda Jackson
9 H/M A Walk in the Park E. Pettersen newly posted
10 14 Midnight Hour Arthur Roland
11 5 Give it all You Got Douglas Spencer
12 19 Blood of Calvary Whayes4
13 10 Child of His Creation John Lord
14 H/M Stand Still and knoe He I God Ulysses Brown
15 5 A Love Like That Hearts of Faith
16 20 MY Lord, What a MorningInstrumental) David dKoijan
17 12 Speak of You Andrew Kwon-frm 3 yrs ago
18 H/M Survive R Loomis
19 H/M Shabbat Shalom Bruce Moss
20 H/M Love So Amazing Laurie Marks-Vincent

James Banfield
06/16/18 01:27:39PM @james-banfield:

just wanted to let you know that the column that has a list of odd numbers next to the Position of the song. is the position of the song on Last Month's Chart.. #1 song was actually #3 last month... hope that helps?


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