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Indie Gospel Top 25 Songs for the year 2018

user image 2018-11-29
By: James Banfield
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Indie Gospel Top 25 Songs for the year 2018

Can you believe that we made it through another Year of Indie Gospel Top 20 songs... there were 54 individual songs that entered into the Mix from Jan - Nov that means we had 2-3 songs that were new on every chart throughout the year. Some of those songs held their place on the chart for almost 12 months... that's incredible. in fact the highest scoring top 3 songs were only 8 points apart and each one did it in 10 months... My personal favorite made it to #6  Nov Top 3 owned my Laura Marks Vincent I doubted if they would even make it to the Top 25.. They did..  So let's get on with the Top 25 Songs of the year.. Coming in at

25  Secret Sins by Dee Smith... I remember when this came out .. He was steppin' on a few toes for sure... 

24  Shabat Shalom  by Bruce Moss definitely in the Jewish tradition flavor 

23  Watching Over Me  by Eva Sabiniano I hope you have the bass turned up... Great Song catchy Nice beat. beautiful singing Tempo 

22.  He Said Live by Randy Ward  This song made it on the Top 25 in only 5 months... It's the lyrics .. of course the heart of the one who singing counts a little bit.. I think he loves the Lord...  :)  for sure... 

21.  Blood of Calvary  by Whayes 4 ... you know what is fun?  being able to stop the song and go back and just listen to the harmonies that this group pulls off. I remeber back in April when I first heard it.. I played it 3 times... right now.. Im working on the 2nd time... :).. Yeah this song is that good and it only made it to #21.. incredible... Great Song folks..really good

20.  He Saved My Soul  by Giving Back  REmindsme of the beginnings of the Folk Gospel age in the 70's  I always loved that sound and genre.

19.  Mid-night  Hour  by  Arthur Rowland  I didnt figure that this song would make it all .. even on the chart but .. its snappy .. love the bass movement.  Arthur.. love it..... :)

18  I 'll Follow Jesus  by  Glenda Jackson... Love the build up in the orchestration. Piano is  doing a nice job of supporting her..very nicely done

17.  and 16.  Everyday Miracle by Laurie Marks Vincent.. WOW! When I heard this song Laurie sent me a note and asked me to give a listen.. .. I did.. ooops  I got lost in it... The lead in with the intro of the song works so perfect you would have thought it was a designed segue.. nope it just happen that way.. Jehovah Jireh .. He is indeed our Healer... Oh BTW .. She has a tremendous ministry!  Check it out on her Website... just go to her Indie Gospel Page  its there... Love the ending.. 

15.  Stand still and Know He is God  by  Ulysses Brown  Different... I like the sound effects he uses with the simple piano.. 

14.  We Will Wait  by Joe Wamsley  I have seen Jjoe's music grow so fast and his son plays the drums really good... AT the beginning His intro is really out of the envelope for Joe and the first time I heard it.. I thought.. "That's Not Joe" oh but it was.. intriguing... WOW!  Of Course.. Im sold! Thank you Joe for sharing the voice the Lord gave you to share His love.. Blessings my friend.. JB

13.  Love so Amazing Laurie Marks Vincent.. Another great song... :)

12.  Child of His Creation by  John Lord  a simple G-C progression.. Jojhon has a way with lyrics... they just stand out..

11.  Speaking of You  by Andrew Kwon ... This young man has a refreshing approach withhis unique voice for singing for the Lord.. At #11 he did it in only 6 months... 

10.  A Love Like that  Hearts of Faith  love their harmonies. their voice blend so..  

9.   Tempered Steel by Rebecca Griffths  Strong, Powerful, but a little harsh hard driving.. I like the way Rebecca does that tempo singing..cool nice lead guitar

8.  A WalkIn the Park  by E. Pettersen With this Season a song like this reminds some of us of the life that was but now just a memory. Ir's life. This song and its lyrics touches the heart...

7.  Give it all You Got by Doug Spencer  Good solid down home hard driving country.... love it..... a little Charlie Daniels in there I suspect 

 From #6 to #1 onlu 20 points separated them from each other.. yes it was that close... 

  6.  Feel The Nails by Mark Anthony Brown watch out for the middle it will get to you .. when they sing Holy Holy Holy... cause it grabs me every time. 

5.  When we see Eternity by Everett Adams  A Good country voice.. the harmonies definitely there ... oh yeah  Very nice Everett... 

4.  Lost in the Sand by Kelly Matthews a young voice with energy.. great lyrics

3.  Did He Ever Think of Home by Jim Sheldon  .. My Friend Jim ?  WE go back almost to the beginning of the Indie Gospel Top 20 ... (It was the Top 10 every week then) And now Jim's on tour in a Tour Bus.. Witnessing for the Lord.. Think of you Jim.. and yes  He did think of Home. With His Father as will we in time.. Blessings my Friend

2.  Faith and Stone  by Debbie Bergone The Intro with the drum and the tambourine on the top of the TopHat. and the bass ... You know something is coming and you there in about 10 seconds.. Debbie's voice is stong crisp and clear ... the story? we all know David and Goliath.. love it Debbie.. Congrats for having the #2 song of the year .... 

1. A Thorn On A Rose by Joseph Beggs   This Song?  Who would have believed .. 11 months on the chart it went up and then down and then back up and up ... Finally hit #1 in Sept.. and here is the #1 song for 2018...  Wow

What I need is for the folks with the Top 10 songs to send their email addy's so I can send them an Award for 2018 suitable for Framing.  Send it to : jban1946@bellsouth.net  sunject Top 10 2018  

Thank You JB


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