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 "The Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart by JB is official! 1 Jan 2016! ... these are the artists in the Indie Gospel Network that have songs loaded on their pages that you can hear. You can also "background" the Indie Gospel Top 20 playlist while surfing as well ... pretty cool.. thank You all for your prayers! Enjoy listening to Indie Gospel;s Top 20 Chart!  In Him, James


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Through A Song

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Through A Song
James Banfield
12/16/14 02:19:00AM @james-banfield:

My style is a bit different, in this song it shows, I always loved the echo ad lib guitar that is smooth and not harse. it just blends in with the song. and still the lyrics say an important message. With Marty doing the canons it was just beautiful... thanks for the rating.... JB


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