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Bassist, Engineer Went to be with the Lord

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2014-11-16

Marty and I have had the neatest friendship with our Friend, Bassist, and our Engineer BJ Marchand. After a long battle with ill health, messing with his heart and lungs and legs (Me too) BJK passed away two weeks ago Saturday. He rose the Victory Banner for real and is with the Lord for real and is now riding with the Lord! Knowing BJ, He probably convinced the Lord to ride Harleys... You can hear BJ in everyone of Marty's and my songs on our Indie Gospel Pages. and the dream that we all had of having a #1 song came true last year when "Come Back 2 Chronicles 7:14" was #1 for the 2013 year. He will be and is already, sorely missed. Here is a picture of BJ and I working on a song in the Control Room of the Studio... JB

To the membership:

E. (Ed) Pettersen has been with IGA (Indie Gospel Artists) for a few years. Not to be confused with another Ed Pettersen (also a professional musician), who just joined us. Actually the new Ed bought the legal rights to the name which is why long time member Ed goes by E. Pettersen (confused yet- lol).

Ed (E.) has had several #1 songs on the IGA Chart and he had the #3 song of the 2013 year in "Baggage Claim". With all that, he was instrumental in helping put together the Project: "The Sound of Hope" which was IGA's offerring of a compilation of Songs from various artists in IGA which he was one of the artists on the album, in fact it slipped in as being the theme song of the Project was "Your Love" done by E. Pettersen.

And Now, currently, he has the

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Done posting the Top 20 comments in the Text window- some notes

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2014-11-03

Finally I can say that the posing of the November Top 20 Songs of the month is done and so are the comments to the songs.

Congratulations to our member George Wells who wrote our #1 song this month "No Faith In Fear" sung by Billy Droze. Written by: Alvia Sandberg and George Wells. What a neat song guys. perfect.

Also Dont forget to vote tomorrow, please, If you dont vote it is actually a vote for the other guy, so please vote.

Hey our "Blast from The Past" is a special one. it was #12 on the Top 20 Songs for the year 2013...

21. "I Wanna Go Home" By 2LiveByGrace I have always loved the intro to this song, ever since I first heard it a couple years ago. What is unique to this song is the way Greg captures the heart of the Prodigal...

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Indie Gospel Artists Top 20 for the Month of Nov is up and running

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2014-11-01

Our New #1 Song is "No Fear In Faith" ...

Congratulations to Geo Wells who turned 84, he wrote the song that is now #1.. Billy Droze performs the song It is really good. Recorded by Billy Droze. Written by: Alvia Sandberg and George Wells

Also we have a few new songs on the chart a couple that have been on the chart a while gettin ready to leave after several months. Our "Blast From the Past" is "I Wanna go Home" by 2 Live By Grace. You will be blessed by it.. it is #21 Special ...


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James Banfield's Top 10 Songs for the week of 9/26 - 10/02/10 - READY

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2010-09-25
WE have a new list now, songs have changed position, new songs on the list, a new Artist of the Week, A New Bullet Song of the Week, and a new category ... Honorable Mention Song of the week.

Our New number 1 song is George Bongo's "Walk With Me" while Barry Winslow's Alpha & Omega dropped to #2. "Safe and Secure" by Trumpet Winds of Sound moved up to #3 and "A Mother's Love" by Liz Clarke moved up to #4. Barry Winslow's "Nothing Without You" moved up to #5, While One of Many Branches" by Mike Abrams dropped down to #6. "Oh Lord" by Gary...
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Top 10 Songs For the week of 10/3 - 10/09

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2010-10-02
WE have a new #1 one song this Week. It is The Trumpet Wind of Sounds "Safe and Secure"... what a beautiful song. It touches the heart for sure. Barry Winslow's Nothing without You" jumped up to #2, while George Bongo's "Walk With Me" is #3. Gary Wheldon's "Oh Lord" is at #4 while Barry Winslow's "Alpha & Omega" dropped to #5.
Vince Brown's "I Depend On You" Debuted at #6 which is a very high ranking indeed for a debuting song. At
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James Banfield's Top 10 Songs for the Week of 10/10 - 10/16

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2010-10-09
This weeks Top Ten includes two songs that hit the chart and a couple of songs that fell off. (Such is the way of the Song Chart) The Two that fell off the chart were Alpha & Omega by Barry Winslow .. This song is definitely a keeper and it was on the chart for 4 weeks, since the chart was started. It was number 1 for two weeks in a row. The other song was A Mother's Love by Liz Clarke, a beautiful song dedicated to her mother and the love her mother had for her. With that being said, here we go on This weeks TOP TEN.

This weeks #10 song is "One of Many Branches" by Mike Abrams. It was at #8 last week. Mike is working on his music ministry and is getting into the live concerts. We wish him the best in serving the Lord.
This weeks
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JB's Top Ten Songs for week of 10/17 - 10/23

By James Banfield's Top 20 Songs, 2010-10-16
After being on the chart since the chart's inception Mike Abrams song "One of many Branches" fell off. This song is as good as it gets and I highly recommend that you all get his album. Up on Calvary by Ray Perkins also left our top ten list. With that being said we have two new songs on the top ten with some changes in position.

Our #10 song Good Morning Jesus by St. Aladin made the list after being the Honorable Mention Song last week.
Our #9 song Walk With Me by George Bongo dropped down from #7 It has been on the chart for 6 Weeks.
Our #8 song Safe and Secure by...
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