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The Miracle of the Red Sea Crossing

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James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
06/17/11 11:43:00AM @james-banfields-top-20-songs:
These are real facts, verified through Google Earth so you can see for yourself! 17 minutes is not a whole lot of time to invest in something that will prove that there is a God, who loves His people, the Hebrews, Israel. Blessings to all that view this video
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
06/19/11 01:50:36PM @james-banfields-top-20-songs:

Devora ... what was strange was that a pastor came to visit as I was researching the project. He saw what I was dong and how the Lord was leading me into the episode through Google Earth. The Pastor said, "Is There any way that you could present this to my church?"  2 months later I presented the presentation to his church. many were amazed at what the Lord had left behind for history to be able to confirm what really happened. I was thrilled with the awesome revelations that came forth minute by minute. What I couldnt figure out was this.. Here are 3 million Hebrews standing on a beach and there's God holding back the Pharaoh's Army with the PIllar of Cloud/ Pillar of Fire ... and yet they in their fear actually called down Moses questioning why he led them to this forsaken place with nowhere to go, and seeing the Mountains that came all the way to the shore, seeing the Gulf of Aqaba surrounding the 6.5 miles beach.. and yet they were so frightened of their predicament they felt hopeless. It was then that I realized their real position and could sympathize with their plight. On the other hand ... To actually visualize the end of the Wadi with the Pillar of Fire planted right at the end of the pass. This should have been a clue. not to mess with the Hebrews!   lol



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