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I am 46 years old single male living now in Tennessee,going to school, but I am willing to go wherever God may call me. I am servant hearted and always wanting and willing to serve the Lord in all ways. All is for His glory and purposes, and hopefully to brind people to Him before He comes for His bride. I am praying for missions trips too someday



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Rapture is Imment- Are you ready?

By James J Dougherty, 2013-02-18

                                  THE RAPTURE IS IMMINENT!!! ARE YOU READY????


            I am very strongly led to believe the rapture is very imminent, any day at anytime at all, so I cannot strongly enough advise all of you to get your hearts right with Jesus by asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if there is any Sin /iniquity/ uncleanness in your heart, mind etc and repenting of any and all right away, asking the Holy Spirit to cleanse you and your garments so that they are white, being washed by the blood of Jesus. I am a man, needing the blood of Jesus for cleansing as much as everyone else, and believe me I am doing the same thing. This repenting is a continuous process, not one time thing, I have found that I myself have been repenting several times throughout the day. I know that it will be God's grace and mercy ONLY that I make the rapture, not anything I do, I am aware of grace alone being what saves, and not works lest any should boast, but also...

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After the Rapture

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-09

                                    After the Rapture- A Holy Spirit led discussion

The Holy Spirit has led me to write this to give some idea of some of the events likely to happen immediately after the rapture on the earth, especially, so people see the chaos, lawlessness, and mayhem that will take place. I want to encourage people to live godly lives and above all to seek Jesus with all their heart, mind and soul, repenting daily, so the Holy Spirit can cleanse you to ensure being taken in the rapture, by His grace and mercy. God is gracious and merciful too to give the rapture for a way out and escape for His people to escape the seven year tribulation period. The things that I write about below are revelations from the Holy Spirit, the bible, and various videos and movies I have watched and things I have read. I pray that God will use this document to open your eyes. I have no wish that ANY should miss the rapture at all, and neither does God!! I am no prophet at all...

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James' Personal Life Testimony for all to enjoy

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-13

Personal Testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness in my life


            Introduction In the early morning of March 10, 2013 the Lord instructed me to do my testimony and share it for His glory, to show all how He worked in my life, even though I did not know Him for much of the time, until relatively recently. He worked in my life by only His grace and mercy many times to greatly lessen many of the messes that I got myself into by my own poor choices and actions. I had many, many challenges growing up, some caused at least in part due to the fact that I had Asperger’s syndrome, something I did not know for certain that I had until September 2007,when I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist, even though I had an inkling as early as 1999, when I was chatting with a mother with an autistic son on America Online, my ISP at that time. The Asperger’s syndrome had these challenges/symptoms for me(Asperger’s generally gives different people different things): I had...

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about sin and salvation

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-15

Holy Spirit Led discussion: Sin and Salvation.

            Do you KNOW where you are going to go when you die- heaven or hell? Do you believe you will be raptured up when Jesus comes to get His bride,which can happen any day now? I really believe strongly that the rapture is imminent by the signs of the times, internationally the people falling away and becoming more selfish and less loving. I do NOT want anyone to miss the rapture, and end up going through the great tribulation period where it will be the most horrendous period in human history where most will NOT survive, or go to hell for eternity should they die before the rapture even occurs(without Jesus).

            The problem with mankind is that fact that EVERYONE, absolutely everyone is a sinner- it says so in the bible. The problem is with the sin and Adam and Eve, who were the father and mother of ALL mankind. God told them to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but they had permission...

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Salvation and backsliding

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-17

            Salvation and backsliding/falling away a discussion led by the Holy Spirit

            When one does accept the  Jesus as their savior and confesses Him as His personal Lord it is a very great understatement Satan is NOT happy. Until you had repented of your sins and accepted Christ as Lord and His sacrifice on Calvary you were Satan’s  so you must be on your guard to deal with temptations, persecutions and such that WILL INEVITABLY come from Satan, who wants you back. One of Satan’s favorite tactics is to bring up our past and to try to use that to tempt us to fall back into sin. He often will tempt us with the very things we did in the past and then repented of when we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. I am going to share various scriptures and use texts warn you against falling away, and the consequence of doing so, but also how to get back in right relationship with God in case you have fallen pray to temptation.


This first set of...

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By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-18

                                    Repentance, a discussion on why it is so important

            I am now led to write something about repentance to explain why it is so important to keep repenting daily, and not be complacent about it or even in denial. Adam and especially Cain never really repented after their wrong doing. However kings David, Ahab, and Manasseh all did repent of their deeds. Ahab got a delay in one of the judgments that were pronounced against him by Elijah due to Ahab’s wickedness. Here is the scripture for this:

(1Kings 21:28)  And the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying,


(1Kings 21:29)  "Have you seen how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself before me, I will not bring the disaster in his days; but in his son's days I will bring the disaster upon his house."


Here is the story of how Manasseh repented. It did take judgment and captivity but HE did in fact...

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At the Rapture

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-20

At the rapture- A Holy Spirit discussion of events

Here is a list of possibilities of where someone will find themselves when the rapture occurs The Holy Spirit wants me to do this to give a snapshot of the time period of the rapture and the first few minutes afterwards at various locations and so forth. I want to give some idea of what will happen at the diverse individual locations to give a picture of the chaos that will result just from the rapture itself, and people taking advantage of the situation. The purpose of this discussion is to enlighten people so they repent, make their relationship right with God, and by the mercy of God then are counted worthy to be taken up in the rapture of believers. I have absolutely NO WISH to see ANYONE miss the rapture and  to be left behind to face the chaos and destruction immediately afterward, which could last for many months, the shock and awe of suddenly missing relatives and friends, of which some folks could find...

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Seven mercies testimony

By James J Dougherty, 2013-03-24

Seven mercies of God in my life in my life in 10 years

Here are seven really outstanding examples in my life I want to especially point out of my life separate from my own full testimony see link to that here https://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/jay-dougherty/personal-testimony/10200273845382367

 where God particularly showed great mercy, love, forgiveness and grace in each one of these seven locations, people, and life events I am going to go show these events and situations one at a time to show you how loving God really is. One situation often led to another, and had situations in them where God was extra merciful.


  1. Hilton      Head landlord, job

I moved to Hilton Head Island in 2003,...

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