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At the Rapture

user image 2013-03-20
By: James J Dougherty
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At the rapture- A Holy Spirit discussion of events

Here is a list of possibilities of where someone will find themselves when the rapture occurs The Holy Spirit wants me to do this to give a snapshot of the time period of the rapture and the first few minutes afterwards at various locations and so forth. I want to give some idea of what will happen at the diverse individual locations to give a picture of the chaos that will result just from the rapture itself, and people taking advantage of the situation. The purpose of this discussion is to enlighten people so they repent, make their relationship right with God, and by the mercy of God then are counted worthy to be taken up in the rapture of believers. I have absolutely NO WISH to see ANYONE miss the rapture and  to be left behind to face the chaos and destruction immediately afterward, which could last for many months, the shock and awe of suddenly missing relatives and friends, of which some folks could find themselves having many, then (if they survive the shock, awe, and Chaos the great tribulation period that is certain to follow the rapture, which is by far the worst time period that man will ever experience. Below, I am making a very thorough listing of what can very easily happen after the rapture so there can be no doubt of just how devastating this rapture will be for those who are left behind. I strongly advise getting your heart right NOW with Jesus as you want nothing to do with what is to follow the rapture!

 Awake, doing whatever they may be doing at that time(working, eating, shopping, etc) and ready to go in the rapture(that is judged worthy) They will hear the trumpet and Jesus say come up here, or something with the same identical meaning, and it then in a twinkling of an eye- it will be that sudden- they will be floating up in the air to meet everyone else there, go through the cosmos and be in heaven in a matter of under a minute. Without any doubt people will be in absolute shock at how rapidly this has happened, and I know for certain they will want to through themselves at Jesus’ feet in immense gratitude for being counted worthy to be taken in this rapture, and to escape all the mess and chaos on earth which will surely follow.

Asleep, in bed, but ready to go You will either awake at Jesus shouting and/or the trumpet or you could even just finding yourself floating up to meet Him, wondering what had happened. When you get to heaven you might even wonder if you had died, rather than being raptured, but when you look around and see all the other people, you will most likely realize the rapture has happened and that you were counted worthy to be taken in it, and as above likely want to fall at Jesus’ feet to show your gratitude.

At the home I envision one scenario where the woman calls for everyone in her family to come to the dinner(does not matter if it is breakfast or lunch, for that matter). Usually all her family will respond to her call in a very timely and prompt manner, knowing her cooking is good, and not wishing their food to get cold. One or more usually want to help, but she, being very independent, wants no help from anyone. This time she really goes all out to make the most wonderful meal they have ever tasted, but this time nobody responds at all. She tries again in a few minutes, but again no response. She does not understand what is going on at all and nobody is moving towards the dinner table. The family places such a high value of eating together, but for some strange reason after several calls still nobody will come to the dinner table, which is so well set up. She then decides to investigate to see why nobody is coming, and in each and every room where they were only moments ago , all she finds only empty clothes: the rest of her family and her guests for the meal have all just very suddenly vanished!! Needless to say she is in absolute shock and distraught over this sudden and unexpected development. The sumptuous meal she had spent perhaps many hours slaving over is suddenly forgotten about. She tries to call their cell phones and even the emergency service but nothing is of any avail. In fact she cannot call out on any telephone, landline or cell phone, at all, all the phone lines are completely jammed and flooded with many, many other folks calling each other and calling about all the missing people!! Some were hugging their loved one and all of the sudden they are hugging empty clothes for this loved one has also suddenly and inexplicably vanished! A lot of homes, also, after the rapture will be broken in by looters, pillagers, and even eventually people who have become desperate for food and supplies(there will be MASSIVE shortages for a long time after the rapture). Most valuables and all food will be stolen, people harmed, raped, killed, houses ransacked, set on fire, and destroyed, too as it will be a very lawless chaotic period after the rapture. The people who remain will also have a VERY hard time replacing what was stolen, too, what with all the chaos and lawlessness outside.

Driving  or riding in a car  The driver will notice at the rapture all of the sudden many vehicles around them sharing the road will go in ALL crazy directions, some running off the road, some crashing into other vehicles, or any median on the road others not doing so. A passenger will feel absolutely helpless if they happen to see their driver just vanish seemingly into thin air and their car careers off to crash into another vehicle, such as a car or even a semi truck, or run off the road into a tree or the median. Some of these people no doubt will die and go to hell, unless they can somehow repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior in that last instant of time, before they die of their injuries and it is accepted but many will not be able to, and will die lost. Survivors will no doubt stagger out, and look at their own vehicle and/or the vehicle that struck theirs and then see just sets of clothes where other people used to be, and others who like them are wondering what just happened to cause all this chaos and destruction. It will be very difficult to travel on, or anywhere because the roads will be clogged with many, many accidents, abandoned and driverless cars and trucks, often not able to be driven due to damage and also distraught people crazed by the sudden turn of events. Injured people in the crashes will be largely on their own to find any first aid help for their injuries that they sustained or  help for anything else, for that matter, as will those with damaged and disabled cars from all the wrecks resulting from all the suddenly driverless vehicles. As stated before calling for help on the accidents will largely be fruitless, seeing how the phone lines will be overwhelmed and totally jammed by callers reporting accidents, mayhem, injuries, missing people and so on, so much that every regular and cell phone service will be completely be overwhelmed, and crash. A lot of Internet service providers will likely see servers crash from the overwhelming demand for social websites like facebook, twitter, Skype and all social media websites as people who were left behind  look for their missing loved ones, friends, and family and talk to each other about what has just so suddenly happened, possibly even looking for emergency help such as police, fire, or medical that way. Imagine all the phone calls after the Heidi football game event(where the network suddenly stopped the game and went to the movie, and could/would not go back to the game, even though the other team would come back and win, prompting a flood of calls) and all others and then multiply that by many thousand fold to get an idea of what the phone companies will be up against, and remember then also that some of the phone employees and support  personnel will also likely have vanished too!

Riding on a passenger(or freight train, subway trolley)- Those who are riding on a passenger train will have various experiences. Firstly the people who are riding  on the cars will suddenly realize there are a lot of missing people who were with them. The train could hit driverless vehicles stuck on crossings and the like. Freight trains may hit them or be hit by driverless passenger trains as crews will suddenly vanish too. Trains which are driverless may eventually derail without folks to control them, creating further problems. No doubt people will be killed and injured in any collisions and derailments that result with the injured and trapped being on their own for finding help, with the phones jammed, too due to all the massive number of calls going on. Also, many trains will likely be ransacked and looted of valuables, especially including food, during the chaos, and some destroyed. Passenger and freight train service will be disrupted also for a while due to the conditions after the rapture, due to missing personnel, and blocked train tracks with all manner of debris

Riding in public transportation much like riding the train, there will be suddenly driverless busses and taxis which will crash into other vehicles, run off the road, and so on further adding to the mayhem created by all of the other events. A passenger may find the driver has vanished, and may even steal the taxi or the fare money(if the former is drivable still) or be killed/injured in the resultant crashes. Drivers will realize that passengers have disappeared suddenly , like when a taxi driver turns to collect his/her fare from a passenger but cannot for they have vanished(though they could take the clothes and so forth). They will find, as everyone else will, getting about to be almost impossible due to the chaos. As a result many of these services will be forced to close down for quite a while due to the chaos, lawlessness, and missing personnel, blocked roads, lawlessness and other reasons after this rapture happens.

Riding in an airplane, commercial or private. Any and all pilotless planes, because of the pilots and/or co pilots suddenly vanishing will eventually crash somewhere, very likely resulting in the death of most if not all passengers and crew remaining on board the aircraft, and no doubt death, injury, and destruction on the ground depending on exactly where the then pilotless plane crashes. Nobody at all on the ground will be safe as some planes no doubt will crash into buildings, cars, malls, and other areas where there are people. Also on board the plane people again will notice that several or even many passengers and crew will have disappeared suddenly, so panic there will set in as people will wonder what happened to their family and friends, even more so if they realize the plane is about to crash, being pilotless . This could result in chaos, along with the looting, which could even result in more planes crashing from having pilots being killed, injured, or otherwise incapacitated and unable to fly the plane. All this will further add to the mayhem created by all the other scenarios, ensuring that the emergency personnel, with depleted numbers themselves, unable to move around easily, and unable to communicate, are not able to respond in any way to many of these emergency situations that will develop. Due to the situation, for quite a while most every commercial flight will be canceled for a good while after the rapture, also many other air transport will be very severely impacted due to the missing personnel, chaos, and lawlessness, and to get a flight anywhere will cost a lot of money as any remaining pilots would likely charge a lot of money due to the severity of the situation and just the danger in flying then, and that there could be a lot of demand for the plane rides from wealthy business people and others who have a lot of money.

Factories and places where things are made or grown including farms, ranches, orchards At the rapture many employees at many different factories will just suddenly disappear and this will create a tremendous amount of chaos. Due to the people missing many steps may well be left undone, inspections missed, and even machines allowed to run out of control which could create a wide variety of bad outcomes, from the ruination of the items produced, the machines, killing and maiming left over workers, fires, and explosions which could damage and destroy the factory itself and even surrounding areas as there will not be sufficient people to fight the fires. Blocked roads will greatly hinder the distribution of goods from the factory as well as greatly hindering or even preventing help to get there to mitigate the differing incidents which will arise from the disappearing employees. There will be looting of the finished goods, and personal possessions, sabotaging of the machinery, and other things which will greatly add to the damage done. All the looting and destruction at the factory level will greatly hinder the recovery and restocking of ALL retail and wholesale businesses, many listed below (some not), further delaying their recovery from the mess. No doubt for weeks or even months after the rapture many, if not most factories, farms, orchards, ranches will be forced to shut down due to the lawlessness, inability of people to get to work, lack of people to work, and get to work due to transportation issues. In farms crops and animals will be stolen, and/or destroyed in the looting and mayhem, as well.  All these factors combined will ensure that the period following the rapture until clean up will be horrendous to live on anywhere in the world. It may get close to normal for a time after the clean up, but it likely will not ever be the same for those who miss the rapture.

Car, Truck, bus, boat and other transportation shops, sales and repair. As with other things there will be staff and customers disappearing suddenly, this can very easily occur in the middle of transactions, test drives, or any other time. This of course will lead to chaos. Any who see the people suddenly disappear will be fearing for their loved ones as they won’t know for real what exactly happened(the rapture) and likely panic and try in vain to contact them. There will likely be crashes with any driverless vehicles. Also, there will be theft and looting of the vehicles, and other valuable items, and likely gangs will smash at least some of what is not stolen. Law enforcement will be too burdened to really do much anything to put a stop to it,so  it will be lawless. Many vehicle dealers will most likely be forced to close for at least a while due to insufficient staffing, the lawlessness, and due to the damage that the looters and pillagers have done to the dealership which will likely take a while to fix, as well as the need to restock, repair and replaced the things that were either stolen and/or destroyed.

Gasoline, fuel stations, convenience stores and other similar businesses will also be affected in varying ways. Employees and customers will all suddenly vanish making everyone else very afraid. When they try in vain due to the jammed phone services to contact their loved ones to see if they are okay, and still around, they will indeed panic, as would anyone who suddenly does not know what is up with their family and so on. The fuel station will be vulnerable to being crashed into by driverless vehicles, looting and sabotage. There  can be explosions too, as the fuel is highly flammable, and some gas stations will likely be destroyed by these incidents, whether they happen at the rapture due to driverless vehicles or afterwards during the looting and pillaging which will most surely follow. The convenience stores will likely be looted bare, too, of most all items inside, and the gasoline will be stolen, and quite likely some will even try to make the storage pumps explode to add to the damage and destruction at hand.  The looters will know that the police won’t really be able to stop the looting, and even those fires may be allowed to burn for quite a while, due to lack of firemen, their inability due to blocked roads to get there, and even fear from all the lawlessness. It will also be a long time for things to return to a semblance of normalcy due to the difficulty of resupplying the fuel, and merchandise being sold, the lack of people to run the stores, and just due to the fact that some stations will be destroyed as a result of the chaos resulting from the rapture.

Hotels, resorts, casinos, retreats, golf courses and so on These also will be affected by the sudden disappearance of both staff and guests, which will lead to some panic on the remaining guests as they will wonder what just happened to the other people. Again in varying ways parking lots and other places where people travel will become dangerous places with the suddenly driverless cars, carts and the like. It will also be much harder to get any services as many people who render services, masseuses, manicures, and on down the line will have disappeared, or just not be able to get to the place of work due to the roads. Any restaurants and other places where food is sold and served will no doubt be looted and stripped of all the food that they have. Stores will likely face severe looting and destruction as well, due to the lawless anarchy that results from the rapture. Some places no doubt will be forced to shut down permanently due to staffing shortages and people not being able to get there, or at least temporarily until things are restored, the damages repaired,and for  any stores and restaurants  to get repaired or rebuilt, restocked and resupplied to replace what was stolen in the looting, or destroyed by vandalism.

At the supermarket- Of course supermarkets will not be immune from all the chaos, either. There will be driverless cars crashing and being a menace to pedestrians in the parking lot, customers and employees will suddenly vanish. Customers will try to pay a cashier who vanishes, and likewise so will many shoppers. The store will become that much more short staffed than they already are, lengthening lines, even some managers will disappear, too. Of course, due to the mayhem, a good many people most definitely will take advantage of the situation to leave the store without paying for their groceries at all. They will also loot the shelves of their merchandise, also smashing things, and any vanished peoples’ possessions. No doubt after the reality of the situation sets in panicky people will in no doubt flock to the stores and strip all the shelves bare hoarding needed and unneeded foods, water, really everything, and not caring for any other people other than themselves. This will no doubt lead to rioting over the lack of food availability, as many will no longer be able to get the food and necessities that they need to survive , and the stores won’t be able to be supplied either due to the clogged roads with many abandoned vehicles, and the general lawless condition then in the world making travel extremely dangerous and the smashed infrastructure. This also will likely lead to price gouging as some people will take full advantage of others’ peoples needs and can easily get away with charging whatever they please for needed basic food and supplies, if they choose to sell at all. Of course anyone runs the risk of being killed and having their stuff stolen too, so folks will need to be very careful in such ventures. Here too you will see people wailing over the suddenly missing relatives and friends, and calling for help to the police and others will not help any either, and most likely be impossible, due to phones being out of service, and flooded due to demand . A lot of supermarkets will close down at least for some time after the rapture as they will find it impossible to get supplies until things are cleaned up and roads are made safe to get supplies delivered to them again, and until any damage they sustain from all causes is cleaned up, and if need be the store rebuilt, if it was destroyed, as no doubt some will be.

At the shopping mall As with the supermarket situation, there will be crashing driverless vehicles in the parking lot, and inside the mall many shoppers and employees alike will suddenly vanish leaving behind their clothing and possessions. Other people in the mall will no doubt run amuck, looking for their suddenly missing loved ones who were with them moments ago but just suddenly disappeared, trying to call people on their  cell phones, but failing to reach them or even complete that or any other phone call, then panicking about them,  and also there will other folks taking advantage of the situation by looting, pillaging and stripping the stores, including the food court, bare of most, if not all of the merchandise that they sell, smashing and burning things, and robbing and maiming each other as it will be absolute chaos here too. Employees will walk off jobs, too in some cases, to preserve themselves even, though some may not. These looters all will know it will be  then impossible to call for police or other forms of assistance and even if it were possible most likely the police will be too overwhelmed by other more pressing matters to get there, or even too scared to try to. Of course, all the abandoned vehicles on the roads will likely prevent help from getting there as well Indeed some of the more evil police will be joining in the rioting and mayhem, too. Malls also will likely close down for some time after the rapture to recover from all the damage due to looting and the chaos they sustain, and also for stores to get restocked after much of their inventories will be taken by the looters.

At restaurants, Suddenly, many people in any restaurant will instantly vanish- both employees and the dining patrons in the restaurant at the time of the rapture, again leaving only their clothes and possessions behind where they were. A cook will call out that food is up but the server to whom it belongs will not respond to the cook’s call that the food for an order is done, also the server will wait for food from the kitchen, but the order will not be completed and the server will go back only to find that the cook has vanished suddenly. Servers will try to serve tables their meals only to find out some or all of the people sitting there who ordered the meals have suddenly vanished. As the reality  of what has just happened sets in people will panic and some will leave without paying for their food, servers may also walk off the premises, as well as cooks. Also some people will loot the restaurant for food, items, money, whatever they can carry, as well as vanished peoples’ clothes and even each other. There too people will frantically search for any and all missing loved ones, in vain, leading to more panic and distress.  Most likely not long after the rapture it will be very hard to get service and cooking at the restaurant, or even to recognize it for what it is due to the looting and destruction that will result. As before, people will be on their own to face the resulting mayhem, and cannot expect any help to come. Some restaurants will close down permanently as they no longer have sufficient staff to run them anymore and almost all will find it impossible to get the food and other supplies needed to run the restaurants and other restaurants will need to close temporarily until the situation improves and they recover from any and all damage they sustain.  

At a department store much the same story- driverless cars crashing in the parking lot, mayhem on the inside, as both employees of the stores and the customers who are at inside the store and in the parking lot suddenly will vanish. People will of course here as all places wonder what happened to their loved ones, family, and friends, creating panic and fear among the people there (and everyone else for that matter). Some people will take full advantage of the sudden  chaos and will start looting, stealing, and smashing things and basically carrying off anything that they can manage to take with them. Also a lot of other merchandise will be smashed and destroyed as there won’t be anything or anyone around to effectively prevent the wholesale theft, looting, vandalism, arson, and other forms of pillaging and looting which will be sure to erupt. Likely it will be quite a while before they are able to restock merchandise stolen and destroyed and repair all the merchandise, repair damage and so on because of  the lawlessness and people not being able to get around at all due again mainly to the clogged highways and so forth.

Specialty shops, arts, crafts, services(salons, barbers,) flea markets, auctions and similar : The same things will happen here with people disappearing suddenly from the auctions, flea markets, shops, and service shops and others, left behind, will wonder where everyone went so suddenly and the piles of clothes being left around. As a result people will panic as a result, trying frantically but futilely to contact the missing loved ones. If the vendors, crafters and other such people disappear then many of the stores will likely close and never reopen again, as there will be nobody else to run them correctly. Many places will also face much looting, pillaging and damage too as people will ransack and take anything and everything  of any value now they know that there is nothing really to prevent them from doing just that. Any food stands will in particular be hard hit with the looting from panicked people needing supplies. Again it will be a long time before a semblance of normalcy returns to these places, too, as well as all the others, due to the looting and difficulty on many levels to replace the merchandise stolen and destroyed, and repair all the damage done by the looting and pillaging.

Realtors, attorneys, accountants, DMV and other necessary fee based services These too will not be immune from all the effects of the rapture, and with people suddenly vanishing, many of these services will no doubt cease to be offered as in a number of cases there will not be enough to offer them, or if they don’t stop entirely they will be greatly hindered for the lack of personnel and other things. The courts will also be adversely affected as the personnel there will disappear, too. The various offices will be hit with looting and as a result records and other important documents will likely be destroyed in the mayhem and all. All of the above will make it impossible for courts and other places similar to function in their normal ways, which will adversely affect many other aspects of life. Many courts and offices that offer such services will be forced to close for a long time after the rapture, weeks, months, even some permanently all due to the various bad effects that will happen after the rapture (looting, pillaging, destruction, clogged roads, lawlessness, lack of staff, and more).

At the doctor’s office very suddenly doctors, nurses, patients and staff will just disappear, even if it happens in the middle of a procedure or test. Imagine a doctor doing a physical or a nurse doing a blood pressure exam and the patient vanishes, or being in a procedure and the doctor and/or the nurse suddenly vanishes. It will lead to chaos and panic among those left behind. People again will be wondering where everyone went so suddenly leaving only their clothes behind.  Some doctor’s offices will be forced to cease functioning all together and close as their doctor, nurses, and or other staff simply will not be there to handle the day to day needs of an office. The remaining offices won’t be able to function due to the reduction in the number of offices and large number of patients needing care for injuries sustained in accidents, rioting and such during the rapture. Also due to the blocked roads, lawlessness, and chaos many staff just won’t come out to the offices anymore for a while.  No doubt, because of all the above reasons some doctor’s offices who are fortunate enough to remain open or reopen will charge outrageous fees for care, taking full advantage of the chaotic situation, and lack of other options to the would be patient.

                   At the hospital(both physical and mental)  In the general hospital, and the mental one, many patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff and volunteers will all suddenly vanish, even  including those who might be involved  in performing surgery  or other  medical procedure on a patient  at the time of the rapture. A patient could easily wake up after his anesthesia wears off to find that the doctor has vanished and the others around also vanished, his surgery not completed, with the incision still open and surgical instruments left inside him. This will lead to great pain from that, and other complications, and no doubt some patients will die as a result of this situation as there won’t be really anyone to finish the surgery, to help remedy the situation with the patient or enough anesthesia to go around. Of course patients being operated on will also suddenly disappear much to the remaining doctors’ and other staff’s shock and disbelief. There will also perhaps be looting and such of valuables again, people taking advantage of the chaos. Food especially will be stolen from the kitchen. Also hospitals will be overburdened perhaps by new patients seeking care for injuries and such related to the rapture and the accidents and mayhem with it, further straining the situation there with its already depleted staff. Mental patients will get loose and escape their hospitals where they had been staying for treatment of their various conditions, looting and further adding to the mayhem everywhere. The mental hospitals will also be depleted in staff and struggle to care for their patients, including new ones who go insane over the various situations related to the rapture(missing loved ones and such). As a result no doubt many patients will die because the hospitals will no longer have the staff needed to care for them adequately. The same situation will happen at nursing homes, who also no longer will have enough staff to care for their often needy patients some of whom are not capable of doing anything for themselves and are completely dependent on others for ALL their needs. In many cases those people will not be available for them, or cannot get to them, and for those and other reasons, there will be people dying for lack of care in nursing homes as well.

                        In prisons and jails Much the same things that are happening elsewhere will also happen in every prison and jail , at the same time.  Many guards and no doubt a good many prisoners will just simply vanish suddenly. Other prisoners and guards will take advantage of the chaotic situation by running around the prison and freeing other prisoners from their cell, rioting, attacking the remaining guards, leaving the prison, and menacing the general public as if they did not already have enough difficulty to deal with considering all the other events happening at the same time. A lot of the staff and prisoners course will be wondering about their families too, and friends, especially those who might be missing. The disappearances among guards will make it that much harder for a short staff to keep discipline and order among the remaining prisoners. As things settle down, there may well be a sharp increase in the prison inmate population as some folks are finally brought to justice for crimes committed during the rapture and especially its immediate aftermath, and it will very likely also be many dissidents of the new government tossed there, too.

At the dentist’s office As before, as with the other situations, dentists, hygienists, nurses, other staff, and patients will all just simply suddenly disappear all at once, and some no doubt in the middle of procedures, too. This will leave patients without their care giver, and the caregivers without their patients. Imagine having a root canal or a filling when the dentist caring for you just vanishes, maybe the nurse also, the reverse will happen too, when the patient cared for vanishes. There may be some looting and destruction on the premises, too, during the lawless period. Some dental offices will be forced to stop operating and close, due to no longer having the staff required to run it effectively , and the dental  offices who do manage to remain open, or reopen after repairs and restoration  may price gouge for there will be as much or more demand for dental services but perhaps much fewer trained personnel and dental offices to meet the needs of the population .

At a sporting event, concert, play, and similar There will be chaos, as fans, players, actors, musicians and others all just suddenly disappear, and depending on timing there may well be many crashes and chaos in the parking lot. It is possible there will be mass panic among the remaining people there due to the sudden disappearances, depending on how many there are and so forth. For sure the people will notice all the sudden disappearances, as they will no matter where they may be at the time of the rapture. They will be filled with great fear and want to check up and see if their loved ones, friends and family are okay or if they too disappeared, panicking when they cannot get through. This will only aid the clogging, flooding and overwhelming of all phone carriers, cell or media. The internet will likely also be very swamped too as people flood to the social media sites, perhaps just those go down, but maybe also all news and related sites as well.  There can be a stampede out of the stadium, concert venue, or wherever the people may be at the time where people can get trampled to death at the exits. Other people will no doubt take full advantage of the lawlessness to loot, pillage, and so forth. Of course all who are in such a sporting event will find it very difficult, if not impossible to get back to their homes due to the clogged roads and such from accidents and so forth.

Most all sporting events, concerts, plays, operas, ballets and entertainments will likely be cancelled for weeks, months, or in some cases permanently after the rapture due to the lawlessness, looting of art, music instruments, and other relevant stuff, destruction of the premises, disappearance of other unavailability of performers. When these events do come back the government will strongly control what is presented as well, due to its them dictatorial bent, to spread propaganda no doubt, so the free availability of these events will likely be gone forever at the rapture(hopefully there are some exceptions, if albeit few in number).

Phone and emergency services will be taxed to the breaking point and overwhelmed, to the point of the circuit breakers and servers flooding and ceasing to work, completely shutting most phone and internet systems down, for several reasons: the sudden disappearance of a good many of their staff, the overwhelming and sudden flood of calls that will suddenly come in reporting missing people, injuries, accidents, looting, theft, murder, rape, pillaging, and other lawless activity, as well as the usual accidents and emergencies. Due to the roads being blocked by abandoned driverless and disabled vehicles it will be very difficult if not impossible for ambulances, fire trucks, police cruisers to get about on the roads, it will be very difficult  impossible for police, fire,  or ambulance services to get to people on the roads and or get them to the hospitals. The staff will find it very difficult or impossible to report to work as well at the police stations, fire stations, and wherever else they need to work. It will be rather lawless for a while so it will also be very dangerous to go anywhere in most any city or even town as there will be no doubt gangs of thugs out there, robbing, looting, pillaging, killing and other things. As a result then fires will be allowed to burn themselves out and many who have medical emergencies will die without help or have to find some other way to get themselves to hospitals, and or other care, which no doubt themselves will be very overburdened with patients.

Other services such as mail, cable, power, heating, air conditioning.  Again, as before much of the staff of these services will simply just vanish at the rapture, which will put much strain on the already burdened services. It will be impossible for post offices to function due to short staffing, and people not able to get there. There will be no mail for a long time for the roads are clogged with disabled driverless vehicles and no doubt the mail carries will not feel safe due to the gangs of thugs delivering the mail. There will doubtless be shortages of mail carriers too, due to many of them disappearing at the time of the rapture. Cable and DSL internet and TV will also find themselves short staffed and unable to cope with the demand for repairs, and also find it hard to get out and about for a while due to the roads and the lawlessness after the rapture. Some repair places will even be forced to shut down permanently due to lack of staffing due to people vanishing. There will likely be some power outages due to driverless cars, trucks, and busses hitting and knocking over the telephone booths, and maybe due to problems in power plants being allowed to happen due to their sudden short staffing due to people vanishing. Other evil people may even try to sabotage power plants especially nuclear plants too, fully knowing that law enforcement will not be able to easily stop them from this sabatoge. Also one problem in one area can lead to many problems everywhere, by what is known as a domino effect. The staffing shortage will greatly add too such an effect as there will not be the personnel around as now to try emergency stop gaps, nor will people be able to communicate with others who might be able to stop the problem from getting completely out of hand.  Any and all of the power outages, damage and other things will take far longer to repair and restore due to the roads being clogged and just the general lawlessness of the area meaning it will be very unsafe for repair crews to get out and do their duties, to restore all the lost power, phone service, internet connections and so on. Also, there won’t be nearly as many people who are trained to do such repairs as before because many who are will have been taken in the rapture. So those who are left without power, heat, phone, water, internet and other service should expect to be out of the service for a very long time, at least a few months, until all the services can be repaired and restored.

News and media- Again, News and media will be affected as many reporters, typists and all positions in there will have people just disappear from them. The media too will have difficulty getting about and getting their stories, due to the phone lines jammed and overwhelmed, internet service will be slow or most likely non existent perhaps for quite a while after the rapture due to all the problems that the rapture creates. Also the news will focus on all the events relating to the rapture, the lawlessness, the looting, the pillaging, which will probably sustain it all the more, and create even more panic leading people to loot food from anywhere they can find it, and hoard it, and some will price gouge, charging extortionate rates for these needed commodities, taking advantage of the situation, unrest and anarchy. Most of all the media will be speculating on the reasons for all the mass disappearances of people, countless millions of people, including all children, worldwide. Due to the secular nature of most all of the mainstream media, they will never, I repeat never, ever mention anything that these sudden disappearances had anything whatsoever to do with any rapture, or anything related to that. I myself saying one of perhaps two things: massive terrorist attacks are responsible for the deaths and disappearances of the millions by maybe some new unexplainable weapon which is supposedly able to destroy the body but not the clothes, or a sudden very massive alien abduction and attack which itself has caused all of the millions of people to disappear suddenly. It could be some of both, too, or even some new theory the invent to try to explain off all the disappearances without telling the real truth behind them. Perhaps there may be a few alternate sources who have some lukewarm Christians who missed the rapture unfortunately will be able to work out the truth and figure what exactly happened and actually try to get the message out, but no doubt they will be quickly silenced by the government and others in denial for even suggesting that there was a rapture. I would strongly suspect many folks would scoff at , mock and disbelieve any messages telling the real truth that the rapture had occurred and that they had blown it and missed the rapture. A few in the media may also point out that this rapture was of the bad people going to hell, not of the good people to heaven. No doubt the One world church will bring that point out to the fullest.

Church, religion churches too will be affected as many pastors, deacons and other leaders vanish suddenly and parts or whole congregations will also vanish. Some churches may though be largely unaffected, particularly dead or luke warm churches, of which sadly there are all too many. Some spirit filled churches on the other hand will be largely or even totally wiped out, having few or no members after the rapture. A personal wish is that churches would teach more on the rapture but few seem to do so. Many churches these day seem to be more interested in tickling peoples ears and otherwise pleasing them to fill their offering buckets rather than getting them saved and prepared to go in the rapture which could be anytime. If the rapture should happen during a church service there will be people who are left behind scrambling to find out what happening to their loved ones, friends and family, further adding to the phone congestion and causing panic to spread in the remaining congregation at the service, in all likelihood ending the service, especially since the Holy Spirit also will have largely vanished from the church at the moment of the rapture. Of course, as stated, the big thing missing in churches after the rapture is the presence of the Holy Spirit. This will make many other churches just simply feel completely dead, without any of His energy, as some do nowadays, but even much more so then than the “dead” (mostly denominational) churches today. Also some of the churches will cease operating for lack of congregation, pastors, elders, staff, and also the inability for people to get there due to roads being blocked, also the lawlessness, and some church buildings will be severely damaged or even destroyed as well as having stuff stolen during the looting and pillaging after the raptures. Not even graveyards and cemetaries will be spared from the looting, nothing will be.

Social media websites such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, and others. If somehow there is any internet service even briefly before it goes out for a while due to being overwhelmed by demand, sabotage, hacking, other damage, and/or government censorship, which WILL happen later so the governments can control exactly what people can and cannot say and view online, so they can try to control what people think, believe and so on. Some might be able in any brief window, if there are lukewarm people who miss the rapture to state that the rapture happened and for people to repent, accept Christ as Savior and Lord and not to take the mark of the beast unto death, and also bemoaning that they blew it and missed the rapture, knowing fully well they have ONLY THEMSELVES to blame for NOT being ready(the foolish virgins). There may well be posts even attacking and blaspheming God by people who do not understand why they were not taken in the rapture and they would wrongly blame God for the things that they had plenty of time, control, and more than enough warning to change before the rapture. They will of course be without excuse but that won’t stop some from being angry. Sadly some will be so mad that they cheerfully accept the mark and help persecute the ones who do get saved. Much of these posts, videos, and accounts of those who point out the rapture happened and that they blew it will likely be quickly removed from the social media sites as governments will not want people seeing the truth. They may however let some of the posts venting anger towards God remain on the sites, especially if those posts further their own agendas to the one world government and such. Indeed the antichrist and the government will use these sites eventually for their own evil purposes, to further their propaganda and to identify dissidents and any new Christians- renewed luke warm Christians who missed the rapture so they can arrest, torture and even kill them. I am sure people will also be betrayed to the government by the social media sites as well.

Anarchy and selfishness/self preservation in general As far as selfishness goes you have seen nothing yet. People today while becoming more and more selfish and unloving are actually in relative terms very, very loving compared to what the people will be like after the rapture, especially immediately afterward  in all  the chaos and anarchy which is to follow. Immediately afterwards there will be massive and widespread looting, pillaging, rape, murder and many other crimes as law enforcement will be greatly handicapped by the situation and the evil people will take full advantage of the situation. Some of the looting will of course be for  self preservation out of  total desperation as people strip all food out of supermarkets, groceries, restaurants, farms, even stealing from each other out to get food so they do not starve to death.  After the rapture, families will betray each other to the government, even by false accusation, to get revenge for some real or imagined offense or to help preserve themselves as food and basics will be that much harder to come by, and likely the government will offer food and other assistance in exchange for information and location of its enemies. The Holy Spirit largely will leave the earth with the raptured church so there also won’t be its restraint on people to help curb their evil instincts, as there is now, before the rapture of the church . This will further increase the chaos and crime that will abound after the rapture. I can imagine there will likely be even some degree of cannibalism because people will get that  desperate to find food since stores and restaurants will have had their shelves stripped bare by looters and other desperate people will NOT be able to resupply their needs due to transportation being choked off and the general lawlessness of the situation, as well as many if not most of the factories, orchards, warehouses, and farms being looted, pillaged, and destroyed in the chaos after the rapture. People if desperate enough will eat anything at all just to have food in the belly.

Aftermath Of course, the big challenges of the aftermath will be the restoration of law and order in society, ending the chaos and anarchy which will be prevalent for a while, and restoring and repairing all of the massive  damage done because of the looting, pillaging, crashes in the aftermath of the rapture, a process that could take many months or even years to do. Imagine big disasters like the Japan and Haiti Earthquakes, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and all of the others but on a fully global scale, with NO populated areas being spared. Add to that the disappearance of countless millions of folks who might otherwise be called upon to help with this massive clean up of truly epic proportions. Other people will no doubt be in hiding, incapacitated and/or unwilling to do anything to help the restorative process. Global damages due to vehicle, bus, and plane crashes, looting, and pillaging alone could be well  over one quadrillion dollars, or even one quintillion dollars, a staggering and unimaginatively , thousands millions or even billions the scope of Hurricane Katrina, because the damage will be on a fully global scale, not confined to a single region like the hurricane was, and sparing no land whatsoever. There will also be wars too, perhaps at the same time further complicating and delaying the post rapture recovery. Because of the massive and widespread scope of the lawlessness, looting, pillaging, and all the massive damage done, and the need to recover from all the damage and restore normal life as much as possible, martial law will be almost certainly be instituted by almost every government worldwide(if it has not already been instituted, curfews established, and many able bodied people will likely be drafted into helping with the massive clean up process. Due to the global nature governments worldwide will also need to unite to help each other recover from all the damage and destruction. This will enable the anti-Christ and the false prophet to really reveal themselves fully to the population and then do deceptive miracles and  lying signs and wonders, leading the remaining populace to believe that they care and are there only to help them recover from all the mess from the rapture.. There may well be a relative period of peace and safety where a treaty with Israel is signed but then sudden destruction of the tribulation period will come, in the form of the seal, trumpet and bowl judgments. These three sets of judgments will create damage on a scale far, far worse that what will happen after the rapture, and kill the majority of the survivors of the rapture, and its chaos.

Summary. In summary this will be terrible for those who miss the rapture and are left behind to face the chaos. I listed many, many examples to give a very strong idea of what will happen immediately after the rapture. If I missed something know that it too will be affected by the suddenly vanishing persons, the looting, pillaging and general lawlessness that will follow the rapture until some semblance of normalcy returns, most likely not until some months afterwards. Some will be so distraught over all the missing friends and family that they will commit suicide- another evil aspect of the rapture for those left behind.  Know that life will be completely and largely irreversibly changed, turned up, in total upheaval for quite a while afterwards until somehow some normalcy returns, but most likely NOTHING will ever be the same ever again. The only remote possibility of possibly escaping any degree of the chaos and mayhem to any small degree is to be in the country far, far away from any city or any town and be there for a long time, and even that is absolutely no guarantee of safety as people will become extremely desperate, panicky and frantic due to the food shortages, and also wanting to escape the utter chaos and anarchy that almost every city or town will most certainly become, and themselves come out to the country looking for food, loot or even to create mayhem. Desperate people resort to desperate things, doing anything at all for food, etc.  It will be every man, woman, child, animal for themselves, and I do not assume that families won’t fall apart and kill and even eat each other, even, as the instinct for self preservation such as the need to eat will overcome any family ties or friend bonds. Also without much of the Holy Spirit’s influence there won’t be anything to stop all the evil from happening.

To sum up I want to be absolutely and completely clear that I am sharing this so that people see the stark and massive contrast between making the rapture and being with Jesus in heaven and missing it and being left behind on earth to face the mess and chaos, and then, the tribulations which will be so bad to make the post-rapture chaos  seem as nothing by comparison. The only way to make it is to know Jesus as your savior as He is the ONLY way to heaven. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and want to know Him(and He you) in order to make the rapture please pray this prayer with me:

 Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness. I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin. You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess Jesus as our Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we will be saved. Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved. Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself. Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.

Now, that you have prayed this prayer I cannot strongly enough suggest praying to Him each day, to get to know Him and for Him to know you, too. I also strongly advise reading and doing the following too, to be that much surer of making the rapture:

 1. Make sure that you have received Jesus Christ into your life as your PERSONAL Lord and Savior(see the salvation prayer above and use it if need be).


2. Examine your own heart for any signs of backsliding, worldliness, unwatchfulness, compromising, and lukewarmness.


3. REPENT (Turn COMPLETELY away from sin and turn COMPLETELY around towards Jesus).  Sin separates you from God, even as a Christian.


4. Study end-time Biblical prophecy(Daniel 7-12, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17, 21, 1 Corinthians 15, 1 Thessolonians 4 and 5, other placesd but the  book of Revelation in particular)  until you become completely convinced that His Coming is, indeed, AT THE DOOR.  This will help keep you from temptation and sin.  JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON!!! Lord help me be absolutely convinced YOU ARE at the door!!!!!


5. Do something for the Lord.  (Passing out tracts would be a good start.)


6. Examine your priorities, lest the CARES OF THIS LIFE cause YOU to MISS THE RAPTURE, as we are so adamantly WARNED about in Luke 21, and so many other Scriptures.


7. Draw closer to God by praying, reading His Word, attending a fundamental church as often as possible, and surround yourself with a Christian atmosphere (Christian friends, books, music, radio, TV, etc.)




9. Listen for His voice and then STAY OPEN TO THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.


10. Act upon that which the Lord is calling you to do. DO IT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Please also pray and ask the Lord Jesus to see if you are indeed ready, and to give you peace if you and If the Lord has planted even the least bit of doubt or uneasiness in your heart, will you swallow your pride and pray this prayer with me:


"Dear Lord, Thank you for preparing a WAY OF ESCAPE from the horrible Tribulation to come.  It is my sincere desire to be ready for your Soon Return, so that I can participate in the Rapture. Give me a COMPLETE PEACE IN MY HEART FROM YOU if I am, indeed, ready. Let there be no false sense of security in my heart concerning my readiness for Your Return.  Begin to reveal to me things in my life and in my heart that might keep me from the Rapture.  Show me what I need to do to BE READY and then give me the power to act upon that which you show me to do.  Draw me away from the world and closer to you every day.  Use me in whatever way you can to help others

who may not be ready for your Return.  Fill me with your peace when I am ready and fill me with YOUR POWER, for victory over sin and temptation, and for effective service for your kingdom.  In Jesus' mighty name, Amen


If, by some chance, you are reading this after the rapture has taken place, all is not lost, just pray immediately to accept Jesus as savior and /or recommit your life to Him, if backsliding was the cause of missing the rapture, repenting of any and all sin and backslidings and lukewarmness that caused you to miss the rapture and whatever else you do NEVER, EVER TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST OR YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN THE LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!(taking the mark of the beat means you are married to Satan, the antichrist, the beast and false prophet ALL OF WHOM ARE DESTINED FOR THE LAKE OF FIRE, AS ARE ALL WHO TAKE THEIR MARK ON THEIR FORHEAD OR HAND). IT IS NOT AT ALL FORGIVABLE TO TAKE THIS MARK- and this is something God DOES NOT forgive for- so again do all you can to survive even though you won’t be able to buy, sell, work, and so on, have to hide from civilization, face jail, torture, and be executed. If you do die that way, for refusing the mark of the beast and if you are Jesus’ you will go to heaven immediately as a tribulation saint. I cannot Stress enough to NEVER, EVER accept the mark of the beast, no matter what the cost!!!!


Here is a video link of the above http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbvC-9Ei83E&feature=youtu.be



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