Jeffrey Weston Burrell


It is my desire not to lead people to worship, yet to ROCKET them into a relationship of worship with Christ.....


Location: Hugo, OK
Zipcode: 74743
Country: US


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01 Better Is One Day

01 Better Is One Day

13 years ago - Comments: 0

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John Lord
04/01/10 04:55:05PM @john-lord:
Well, we've finally made it! We got 'featured' on the site! Be sure and stay by the phone..... Nashville will be callin' any minute! How have you been my friend. It is so good to see your picture. I have thought of you so often, but with all of this back and forth to Tulsa three times a week, I'm about wore out with it. I am getting better though and I look forward to a full recovery. I suppose you are getting ready for this Sunday as we are. We have a full program and I get to do one of my songs at the end. I'm pumped. I love ya brother, write soon.... or call if you have the time... I know you're busy. Blessings John


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