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It is my desire not to lead people to worship, yet to ROCKET them into a relationship of worship with Christ.....


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Too much neglect....

By Jeffrey Weston Burrell, 2010-01-21
Hey all,
Sorry for the delay in communication. I know all of you understand how life gets sometimes. I hope everyone had safe holidays and rang in the new year in the light of our Lord. As for me the Lord has been layin' some cool tunes on me. Lately I've been havin' some real technical difficulties with my home project studio. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, but I don't have the 2-3 thousand dollars to do it. I have been pitching some of my tunes to some labels, and I'm very picky who I send them to. I would like to see these things get in the hands of worshipers. I'll keep tryin'. I've made some contacts in Nashville and they give me feedback which is very helpful. One of the guys is actually really good friends with Phil Joel from the Newsboys. As with most stuff, as far as songwriting is concerned, eventually you run into the business side. In the next couple of weeks I'll be posting a video of our P/W team during a Sunday morning service. The only people that know I'm doing this are the team leaders and my wife('cause she will be running the camera). I'm being all sneaky like this because I want to get a candid performance so we, as a team can address some issues such as stage performance. On a regular basis I get told how good I'm doing on the drums, or "you look like your having such a great time". My wife always tells me that I bring a real spark to the team. Anyway, we'll see what the video looks like.
I'd like to leave all of you with a link to another site -
To all you you artist - this site is very cool for networking
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New level approaching.....

By Jeffrey Weston Burrell, 2010-01-29
Hey all.
Ya know I'm really not sure how many people actually read this stuff, but for those that do I'd like to give thanks....
Anyway, I've been contacted by Tate Music Group and I am currently looking over their contract to produce , market, and distribute my material. (Now, mind you I use the term "my material" loosley because I really do, in my heart of hearts, believe that this material is inspired from, if not from God.) There is a "start-up" cost, but as with any "business" venture you will have the same. (I started a plumbing business last year, and YES there were costs involved)
I wanted to share with those who read this stuff a really cool story....
... So being excited about receiving a copy of the contract and being able to review it I was telling a frined of mine about the start up cost ($2000). He said how it was great to hear all this and the subject changed to something else, but before we go off the phone together he said to me, " I know you didn't call for this reason, but if you need help with the up-front money I'll help with half($1000) of it."
Well I'm sure you can imagine what ran through my head, and yes I almost started crying.
My wife is very supportive and has only made comments about the money.
We'll see if it works out... ...I'll keep ya'll posted.
Jeffrey Burrell
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