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I am 62 years old. Floor Covering has been my trade for over 32 years. I was born in Meadow Bridge, WV. We moved to Chicago when I was 10 years old. I grew up in an alcoholic home and on the streets of Chicago. I was a hard core street fighter, running the bars and chasing women until I was born again in 1974. I could not read or write until I was 40 years old, due to my home and street life. I hired a private tutor and was able to get my GED. I backslid on God until 1994 when I met my wife Carolyn who had been a Christian since 1975. She was a minister and it was the best move that I have ever made in my life. I had a 6 month old son when I met her and we have raised him since he was 4 years old; he is now 17 and loves the Lord. I have a 43 year old stepdaughter who is a jewel. I also have two other sons and two daughters, five grandsons, five granddaughters, one step granddaughter, two step grandsons and one great grandson. I have always rode motorcycles and I became involved in the Tribe of Judah M/M in 2006 with our first annual "Thunder In The Mountains" bike rally. I later became a member of the Heaven's Saints M/M and began a chapter in WV and was elected President. I am presently a member of the West Virginia Chapter of the "Brothers Forgiven" M/M. My wife and I are on the ministry staff as outreach minister and youth coordinator at the Mullen's Family Worship Center in Mullens, WV. where Rev. John Rogers, national Chaplain for the "Brothers Forgiven" M/M, is the Pastor.


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We Will Ride

album: A Passion For Your Presence
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We Will Ride
T. Roy Taylor
05/17/20 09:35:43AM @t-roy-taylor:

T. Roy Taylor:

More Congratulations are in order for this blessed, anointed and beautiful couple who, in my opinion,

have written-arranged-performed and sang one of the greatest songs ever written that I've ever listened to.

I'd like to thank Ken, owner, for adding at the last minute:

 "We Will Ride" by John and Carolyn Daniels at Number 2 on "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" chart

 for the month of May 2020!

T. Roy Taylor
05/03/20 04:20:54PM @t-roy-taylor:

John and Carolyn Thank You for sharing this song "We Will Ride" with everyone.

It is filled with the Spirit of God.

Would you mind posting your picture next to all of your song titles please.  And keep writing

Songs. The Lord is with you in song and singing in a powerful way!

May God and his army hosts surround you and fill you with his presence.


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