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Kelly's album "My Love" is nominated for a Covenant Award for Country/Bluegrass album of the year 2011 via GMA Canada. Kelly's also Nominated for a Black Essence Award 2010! After having to fight a battle with Cervical Cancer that had spread in her body, Kelly was writing a thank-you note to all who had been praying for her, as she was reading her note back, she felt that the words would be a good song, "God's Been Good To Me" it was from that moment, Kelly realized she could write songs, she started putting music to them and here we are, Promoting them to you! Kelly's got 3 albums out "Up in Heaven" ~"Get Set Free" and the latest New release is "Change" with 5 crossover tunes on it. 1 official video is out "God Please Help Me" with more on the way. ...less


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"Get Set Free" CD Release

By Kelly Manu, 2009-10-16
October 12, 2009 -- After reading a post on facebook that a mother wrote about how much she was missing her son that had passed away a year earlier very tradgically, "Colin Cassell" Kelly Manu went into a different place spiritually, she could feel the mother's pain, agony and such a loneliness and wrote the song "God Please Help Me" this is a cross over song for Kelly and expected to touch a lot of hurting souls.
Kelly is a Gospel singer songwriter and has just released her new Cd "Get Set Free" "God Please Help Me" is on this album. This Cd is all about getting set free "FREE" from all the things that hinder you from all that YOU SHOULD BE!. Kelly has a unique voice and sings to encourage other's, every song she writes has a story behind it, there's so much meaning and depth to her messages, all of them to encourage us to be our best, to do our best, to be all that we can be.

When asked to describe this project this is what Kelly said, "I got a phone call one day from someone asking me how to 'Get Set Free' from an addiction they had, from there it never stopped flowing, song after song and so many ideas to promote prayer . Some of us live our lives as if we're bound by chains, when each of us holds the key to 'Get Set Free', Prayer. Everything in life is by choice, we choose what time to get up, to sleep, what to eat, to be happy, to be sad, it's all a choice, so I like to encourage souls to choose to be happy, I encourage them to pray, I believe in the power of prayer, no if, and, or but about it, and for that I give all thanks to my parents Pastor Morvan & Wavie Rowsell of Rehoboth Worship Center in Toronto for instilling that in me."
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