LoganTru is a Christian Singer-songwriter who uses a diverse & transparent sound to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "My faith has been tested at times, but now I understand that I've gone through certain things in order for others to get through the same things. That's my testimony. Christ has given me Life and after Him, music. Put the two together and it's all me. My sound."


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I Know What God Can Do

genre: Christian Pop
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I Know What God Can Do
03/11/16 02:39:36AM @inspiredlovemusic-llc:

This is beautiful. Your voice is beautiful!  ListeningListeningListening  You wrote that your EP is coming soon. Do you have any music posted anywhere else,,,YouTube, Instagram, Facebook?

Ken Rich
01/04/16 06:18:36PM @ken-rich:

I added your profile pic to the song. Don't forget to always include an image or the song is automatically excluded from our promotional lists.


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