My name is Marlon Ernest Douthit. I was born on September 21, 1973, to home missionaries building the Northern Lights Free Will Baptist Mission in Fairbanks, AK. My parents moved my brothers and me back to Arkansas in 1975, so I was raised in a pastor's home in Arkansas around southern and country gospel music. I started singing in church and around the piano at home, with my family, when I was a child. My amazing parents, Wayne and Maudie Douthit, instilled in me a great love for gospel music. I have been singing for most of my life, and I love Country and Southern Gospel Music. I have a wife of 25 years and three amazing children and a 1 year old grand daughter. I am an ordained minister and enjoy singing and preaching the Gospel wherever God opens a door.


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He Carries Me

album: The Sun's Coming Up
genre: Country Gospel
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He Carries Me
T. Roy Taylor
09/01/21 12:50:42PM @t-roy-taylor:

     Congratulations Marlon! Your song "He Carries Me" just entered

     "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country Top 20" chart for September 2021!



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