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I am a Christian Author ( search BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield on Evangelist/Bible Teacher, Christian Music singer/songwriter, and Internet Radio Show Host.


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Glad To See This New Online Network!

By Martha Clayton Banfield, 2015-01-31

I am glad to see the new network, and I say Ken Rich should be PROUD of the look of it all!  I can't wait to get more time to explore it further. I love the new look!

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Prayer for Ken

By Martha Clayton Banfield, 2009-09-12
I would like to say that I appreciate ALL that Ken has done in setting up this wonderful network for us all, and I am keeping him in my prayers each day. I could not figure out where to sign up for the on going prayer for Ken, but I am keeping him in my prayers from now on until I hear good news, and in the Name of Jesus, we pray blessings, peace, and love upon Ken.

Marty Clayton Banfield
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Really Like The New Group Logo---IT LOOKS GREAT!

By Martha Clayton Banfield, 2011-01-17
I just wanted to give a heads up on the new Group Logo-it really brightens up and excites the website...I really like it!  GOOD JOB! 
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