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I am a Christian Author ( search BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield on Evangelist/Bible Teacher, Christian Music singer/songwriter, and Internet Radio Show Host.


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Martha Clayton (Banfield) (also known as Marty) is a Christian Writer/Author as well as Gospel Music Singer/Songwriter who has released 2 CD's of her own original songs, and 4 books, which can all be ordered from, by searching on amazon under BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield.. Martha is also women's speaker (Bible Teacher). Martha ministers in Song and Word, and has a powerful testimony, which can also be found in her first published book, "Prodigal Daughter." You can email Marty at

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01/20/20 03:28:45AM @jameskotwala:


 Dear beloved in Christ,

Martha Clayton Banfield.  

With best wishes for a new year -2020 and Merry Christmas Greetings  to you Greetings  to you precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.    

Thank you so much introduces me. We are arranged Christmas celebration in India. God inspired to give gift of poor and needy people to share to your love and compassion to hungry people in India

We are working among the illiterates and   idol worshipers and villages of poor people. 

Please co-operates our ministry. We are praying for your family and your committee. We are humbly requesting to you. We are waiting for your good replay as soon as possible. 

 Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ  

.In His service,

Pastor .James kotwala

Mobile no: 0091-9949364766

Zack Martin
02/02/15 07:09:55PM @zack-martin:

You should get your Cds in a couple of days. I sent the "From The Heart - Zack Maretin one and also through one of the quartet I sang with back in 1986 for free. I hope that you enjoy them.


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