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Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer. Miss Kristin Pedderson, is also the CEO and founder of Big Fuss Records. www.bigfussrecords.com) . An original artist with a large body of work, Kristin is a songwriter inspired to make a difference in the world with powerful and positive music. She has overcome many difficulties in order to bring her large catalog to the public. "A Woman In Love" went live June 2013 and "Winning" was released February 2013. A dynamic effort “Masterpiece” was presented June 2012 and "The Elephant Groove” was released January, 2012. All are available in the Big Fuss Store at http://bigfussmusic.com and are receiving worldwide airplay and PR. Kristin prefers to often collaborate with high caliber independent musicians and will often perform much of her own instrumentation. You can read about Kristin in interviews here: http://www.lifebyme.com/miss-kristin-gifts And here: http://popinterview.com/ikristinpedderson.html Recently Kristin was interviewed by Michael Jacobs with PURSUE YOUR DREAMS: http://pursueyourdreamsinterviews.com/2013/05/24/pursue-your-dreams-interview-14-with-miss-kristin/


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