This site is dedicated to JESUS CHRIST.We finished a book called "ONLY GOD." We wanted to share the book with  you, the listener. It tells about our trials & struggles we have been & how God brought us to this point of our lives.   Without Him, we couldn't have made it through these hard & rough times... We give God all the praise, glory & honor. God Bless Jim N Carolyn Barber from South Fulton, TN.Happy


Location: South Fulton, TN
Zipcode: 38257
Country: US


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Chapter 2: God's Plan For Your Life

genre: Spoken Word
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  God has a  divine plan for our lives.  You can expect it. God is the Master architect. He does not want to leave anything to chance. If we seek Him in all sincerity He will reveal a blueprint for our lives

Chapter 2: God's Plan For Your Life


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