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The Top 20  Songs  and Top 10  Videos  are out for February. I'm quite pleased that James Banfield  is back to selecting the song list. I didn't have time to give that task the attention it deserves.

Am I a Soldier of the Cross by Doris Johnson took the top spot. It's a lovely song with a hint of Celtic flavoring and crystal clear vocals.

Spirit Wind by John Lord shot back to the top of the video list. Talk about "catching time in a bottle". How does one put to song, the indescribable feeling of flowing in the Spirit? Hats off to John, for doing the impossible and doing it in a catchy folk style to boot.

256 There are two technical upgrades " in the works ". The ability to add lyrics to your songs and a "combined sales" page for your profile. All your saleable items will eventually be listed on one of your profile pages for easier promotion. 

Speaking of promotion, on the radio menu pages like Schedule and Hosts , I list "Popular Artists". To the right is a picture of such a list. In the actual lists, each artist is clickable straight to their profile.

The system automatically orders them by page visits, rewarding (with more exposure) those who attract visitors.  Karen Showell  takes the top spot, having a wealth of songs and images uploaded that draw people to her. Share your content to move up the ranks.

Our radio now has a well rounded 24/7 format and increased soul winning capacity. The recent addition of several spoken word Ministry programs makes a huge difference.
The radio ad space remains dedicated to WAAOM charities, so your songs are being used not just to "win souls" or "edify listeners" but also to promote the needs of hundreds of orphans, widows, and poor in developing countries. 

Thanks for adding value to these efforts with your songs, but there are more ways to help if you are so inclined.

Please spread our radio link everywhere you can. Paste it in Facebook for instance, and a nice graphic will pop-up to supplement your comment.

As our radio's listener base grows, it's good for everyone except me. As listeners go up, so do bandwidth costs. They cut into my tiny disability pension and quite frankly I can barely afford to eat, let alone absorb more costs. The radio has been given a tax deductible Donate button. If you can afford to help us stay on the air, please do so.

Another way to help is to  Subscribe  to premium services. That way you pay for your server space (instead of me). I currently pay for over 1,200 free accounts with their associated costs.

Besides sowing into this Ministry, subscribing gives you advertising, more space, merchandise sales, and more features. It is well worth the $5. monthly (less for non-artists). However, stay free if you wish, there is no obligation.

The buttons and logos below are live, so you can explore our new radio resources. I'm sure you will agree, we have some high-quality programs on board.

Ken Rich

Network Creator

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