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Rachel Belman is a young singer/songwriter with a heart to impact her listeners lives through her music. People everywhere are very much the same. Love, heartache, and joy are emotions unique to our created humanity and music is a gift from God designed to minister to our entire being. Inspiration for Rachel's songs comes from a close relationship with her Creator of whom she daily seeks to diligently follow. He has gifted her with a love for people and for music. She has combined these two loves so that those who listen may be comforted, edified, and embraced with God's love. Her mission is to affect the lives of people around the world in a positive way.


Location: Clovis, CA
Zipcode: 93619
Country: US


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Leading Me Home

album: In Your Light
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Leading Me Home
T. Roy Taylor
09/02/21 12:51:34PM @t-roy-taylor:

Rachel - I know you're busy but if you can find the time, can you add an additional photo on the right side of the player? Thank You.

T. Roy Taylor
09/02/21 12:49:34PM @t-roy-taylor:

Love this song "Leading Me Home" by Rachel Belman. Acoustic guitar driven lively song with the kind of thought provoking lyrics we expect from this seasoned, professional, spirit-filled follower of Jesus! FOLLOW Rachel on her page, show your support and request her on KEN RICH's Radio Show!


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