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My story with God I was running with the devil most of my life. Drugs, alcohol, and a lot of sexual promiscuity. I lived in L.A. working in the t.v. and film business in Hollywood. Need I say more? In 1991 I came to the end of myself, and the Lord put on my heart that there was more to life than this. I was in so much pain from my depression that I thought that I was going to die. I went to every Doctor under the sun, and they all told me that it was in my mind. I wrestled with that analogy for a long time. I was suffering, so much that I was laying on the floor in my parents house snorting cocaine, and drinking to ease my pain. I remembered that I took a New Testament from a hotel in Morrow Beach, California, and I began to read. I read the first 2 Gospels and by God's Grace I believed! I fell on my face to ask Jesus to forgive me for my sins, and also asked Him if He was real to show Himself to me. He did in a powerful way. My life has never been the same since. I am now an ambassador of His Divine Mercy.


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O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Ken Rich
04/17/09 10:27:57PM @ken-rich:
The man is a wizard on the guitar. However, that's not why I gave it a 5. I'm laughing so hard it's hard to stay on the chair and type - lol. What you have to understand, is that I having been debating with some of the Jewish Roots types on here, principally Blake Higginbotham, in my forum post What's in a Name? . If you look on the bottom of that page, for his comment from March 23, 2009 at 10:43pm and follow the links he gave, you will see why I find this so funny. I have this mental image of those guys all picking up their stones right now! Better duck, or learn how to run fast - lol.
Toria Newman
04/17/09 11:00:41PM @toria-newman:


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