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TED ROBERSON began playing guitar in the middle 50's with local gospel groups in his hometown, Angier, North Carolina.

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 B.B. King, Robert Cray, Albert King, Albert Collins, The Mighty Clouds of Joy







Location: Middletown, NY
Zipcode: 10940
Country: US


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Jesus Is Listening

album: JesusSaid
genre: soul Gospel
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Jesus Is Listening
T. Roy Taylor
01/03/21 02:45:59PM @t-roy-taylor:

T. Roy Taylor:

Ted Roberson has played in the company of some of the biggest names in R-N-B and Blues since the early fifties. Performing next to Etta James, Ben E. King (wrote "Stand By Me" one of the most recorded songs ever), Don Covey, Noble Watts, Wilbert Harrison, Donny Albert, Eddy Holman - just to name a few. A musicians musician who is worthy of Honorable Mention here at Indiegospel.net. A non-stop touring and recording musician that has given all the praise of his talent to Jesus! There is no higher calling for a musician than to praise the Lord Jesus Christ with their lyrics, their music and his/her instrument which Ted Roberson has done! Take a moment to listen to this brother's music, request his music on Indiegospe.net Radio and go to his IndieGospel page and "Follow" him.


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