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Witness Of His Glory: I think the most important part of being a musician is the message of our songs. When the Lord blesses musicians with the kind of talent that He does, is our responsibility to use it wisely. We have a calling to help the Lord spread the gospel and bring peace to people's souls through our music. Then it goes without saying that the songs have to be melodic and catchy.




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The Light Within

album: Witness Of His Glory
genre: Christian Rock
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The Light Within 

I woke up every morning not wanting to go on

When the very act of living made me feel I don’t belong

I wished there were no heaven so God would never see

Everything I’ve never done and the faults he’d find in me

I didn’t deserve the Savior I wanted to disappear

I wished that I’d done better I was lost and deep in fear

I couldn’t climb another mountain, couldn’t swim another sea

Until He give me freedom from the sins I found in me

Now the Savior walks beside me 

And He will always be

My Lord, my God

He is the light within the darkness

My Lord, my God

He died that I may live

A Capella Chorus Repeat Chorus 

                                                         Michael E. Coones 3/2021

The Light Within


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