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Witness Of His Glory: I think the most important part of being a musician is the message of our songs. When the Lord blesses musicians with the kind of talent that He does, is our responsibility to use it wisely. We have a calling to help the Lord spread the gospel and bring peace to people's souls through our music. Then it goes without saying that the songs have to be melodic and catchy.




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Walk Upon Water

album: Witness Of His Glory
genre: Christian Rock
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Walk Upon Water

With every storm on the water

Like Peter I’ve made the choice

He stepped out into the darkness

When he heard the Savior’s voice

I won’t forget your promise

That you’ll always be with me

You give me power to brave the waves

And I will always be

Within the boat of doubt and fear I’ll stand and walk to you

I can walk upon water When there’s storms upon my sea

Yes, I can walk upon water With the strength that you give to me

When I keep my eyes on Jesus

There’s nothing that I can’t do

When we sail the seas of sorrow

He’s there for me and you

Repeat Bridge / Chorus Sax Solo Repeat Bridge / Chorus 2X

                                                              Michael E. Coones 4/2023

Walk Upon Water


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