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Witness Of His Glory: I think the most important part of being a musician is the message of our songs. When the Lord blesses musicians with the kind of talent that He does, is our responsibility to use it wisely. We have a calling to help the Lord spread the gospel and bring peace to people's souls through our music. Then it goes without saying that the songs have to be melodic and catchy.




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What Would Life Be Like

album: Witness Of His Glory
genre: Christian Rock
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What Would Life Be Like

We'd all be united in the brotherhood of man

There wouldn't be a language that we couldn't understand

Trust and understanding no matter what your race

Never to be judged again by the color of your face

When Jesus reins for a thousand years

We’ll live in freedom from all our sins

What would life be like If we all believed that God was king

What would life be like If we could hear the angels sing

What would life be like When Jesus comes to takes us home again

There'd be no homeless to sleep in streets at night

And those who walked in darkness would then be shown the light

No place for anger not a word for agony

His kingdom holds the mansions that were made for you and me

From every rooftop, the Savior hears us call

Whether prince or pauper, He will save us all

Repeat Bridge / Chorus Lead solo Repeat Bridge / Chorus

                                                                                            Michael E. Coones 11/2021

What Would Life Be Like


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