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Witness Of His Glory: I think the most important part of being a musician is the message of our songs. When the Lord blesses musicians with the kind of talent that He does, is our responsibility to use it wisely. We have a calling to help the Lord spread the gospel and bring peace to people's souls through our music. Then it goes without saying that the songs have to be melodic and catchy.




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Wont Stop Believing

album: Witness Of His Glory
genre: Christian Rock
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Won’t Stop Believing

They say that God is dead and not there to care for me

That Jesus was no Savior but that’s not what I see

He is Jehovah, the Lamb Of God he hears me when I pray

No matter what they tell me my trust in Him will stay

And if I’m faced with adversity It won’t shake that faith from me So I,

Won’t stop believing No mater what they say

No I, Won’t stop believing I can feel Him everyday

I won’t stop, Won’t stop believing

There is nothing you could say to me that could ever change my mind

That I believe in Jesus and His love for all mankind

On the hill of Calvary He gave His life for me

And when I feel the weight of sin He grants me amnesty

Repeat Bridge / Chorus / Lead solo / Chorus                     

                                                                 Michael E. Coones 1/2023

Wont Stop Believing


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