Witness Of His Glory


Witness Of His Glory: I think the most important part of being a musician is the message of our songs. When the Lord blesses musicians with the kind of talent that He does, is our responsibility to use it wisely. We have a calling to help the Lord spread the gospel and bring peace to people's souls through our music. Then it goes without saying that the songs have to be melodic and catchy.




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You Came

album: Witness Of His Glory
genre: Christian Rock
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You Came

Help me to hear your voice above the din

See your signature firm within the wind

Nothing can change your awesome love for me

Nothing can change the love that set me free

Help me to revel in your mighty throne

Forever ago you wrote my name in stone

Chosen by you to glorify your name

Thank you my God you loved me so you came

Help me feel your shelter From the falling rain

You came to give me living water

You came to free me from my sin

You came to free me from the darkness

You came to gave your life for me

Help me to feel your cleansing of your fire

Follow you Lord is purely my desire

Chosen by you to glorify your name

Thank you God, you loved me so you came

Lead Solo  / Chorus                                      Tom Smith / Michael E. Coones 4/2023

You Came


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