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Independent Christian artist Andrew Kwon was born in Korea and moved to Portland, OR at the age of 10. It was at an early age when he developed a love of music while listening to mostly R&B and Hip Hop. Singing became his passion and eventually he began writing his own music and recording demos at local studios. When he was 16 he moved to Korea and joined a pop group as the lead singer. They toured all over Korea for several years. Although it was a memorable experience for him, the highs and lows of the entertainment industry were overwhelming and he moved back to the US.

In 2000, he had a personal encounter with Jesus. He decided to dedicate his life and the gifts God had given him to make music for Him alone. He recorded his first gospel album titled,“Armor of God” in Kansas City, MO. Years later, Andrew recorded the 2nd album, “All in all” in Los Angeles, CA. Simultaneously, while working on this album, Andrew studied church music at Portland Bible College and graduated as a Voice Major. He also worked as a Music Director and Youth Pastor at his church for many years and continued to work on other Christian artists' albums by arranging and singing background vocals. Currently, Andrew resides in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife of 18 years and three daughters. He has a heart for missions and went to many trips to the Philippines and Thailand ministering through songs and help build shelters for people in need. He wants to use music as a vehicle to reach many lives to Christ. His goal is to inspire, and bring hope to the listeners.

Song releases and recognitions:

2004 Armor of God album released (12 songs)

2004 Sang national anthem for Portland Trailblazers game at the Rose Garden

2006 All in all album released (11 songs)

2013 “Speak of You” single released

2014 Winner of Indie Music Channel Awards “Best contemporary Christian male artist”, and “Best contemporary Christian song (Let all the earth)”

2014 “Day of salvation” single released

2014 “Mighty Rain” single released

2019  “Face to face” single released



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Country: US


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Void that world can’t fill

By Andrew Kwon, 2021-04-22

Shortly after high school I pursued a music career in Korea. I lived in Seoul for three years performing all over the country and even landing in the charts. On the outside my life looked glamorous and exciting. I had a supportive fan club that sent me gifts and letters.  After about year, we were touring from city to city performing on national T.V stations. It was like my dreams had come true. I didn’t know how it happened so quickly but all of a sudden I saw myself in magazines and T.V shows. I couldn’t believe it.

Despite all of this, my life was a mess. I lived in a small apartment with two other members of the group and our meals consisted of instant noodles and water. For the first time in my life I knew what it was like to be hungry. Almost everything we made from the record sales went directly to our manager and record company. I didn’t want my parents to worry back home and I couldn’t bring myself to ask them for money so I didn’t get to eat on a regular basis. I...

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