E. Pettersen


I've been involved in music in some form all my life. Toured with bands, written, recorded and done live solo performances which is what I'm getting back into now. My profession is retail store designer, but my passion is the music and the message.


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Location: Chesterfield, VA
Zipcode: 23838
Country: US


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That's All I Need To Know Final

album: "Songs From Apt. 316"
genre: Contemporary Christian
streams: 55
audio file: mp3, 6.2MB, 00:02:41
That's All I Need To Know Final
James Banfield
02/23/16 07:26:03PM @james-banfield:

Something about this song .. cant put my finger on it... but its a winner! You can understand the lyrics and you can follow the idea that is being delivered.. love the insturmentation around E's singing.... Awwesome .. nice work Ed..


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