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I am an Evangelist singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland. My song writing skills started after I had taken my guitar to the Ukraine for mission work. Whilst playing I'm in the Lords army at a children's home a young girl who had looked very sad began smiling and clapping her hands as I was playing. I remember praying on the way home and saying to the Lord that it had been worthwhile to take the guitar all the way to the Ukraine just to bring a smile and a moment of happiness to that young girls face. Since I came home I felt the Lord guiding me to write songs and to date I have composed over 210 Christian songs. The Lord has placed songs on local radio in Northern Ireland as well as UCB Ireland and radio stations in the UK ,USA ,Sweden and the Philippines. The CD Thorn Upon A Rose was featured CD on Winds of Praise Broadcasting with worldwide radio airplay. Josephs song Audience of One was released as part of a compilation album called Building Bridges to raise funds for homeless charities worldwide. Released under Thus Records with an international cast of artistes such as Filipino artist Kichie Nadal, Vlada from Switzerland, Firefalldown (also from the Philippines), Claudia Santiago from Canada, Lebanese band Beatraid, North American hard rockers Unmasked and Honduran artists Gus n Radialband . UK artists on the CD include Andi Oakes, Throne Room, Liz Clarke, Joseph Beggs and Lisa Donnelly. At present the song I Need You from the recent album Here We Stand has been at number 1 for over 5 months on the Belfast and all Ireland National Gospel Charts on Reverbnation as well as songs being featured on many internet charts internationally such as shoutlife. Over the past 12 years I have been involved in missionary outreach to the Ukraine and have visited many Orphanages, Hospitals, Churches, Prisons ,Rehabilitation Centres and a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre as well as 2 Christian Schools. I am also involved in Events local and abroad were I have had the joy of Strengthening the body of Christ by speaking in churches in Ireland and England as well as the USA on the movement of the Lord on the mission field as well as revival and eternity . As well as the Spiritual side of mission outreach I also believe in practical Christianity and many 40 foot containers of humanitarian aid have been sent to the Ukraine Romania and Belarus. Containers have contained Life support machines, heart monitors,Ultra Sound machines,electric beds,Hospital beds , wheelchairs, and clothing and shoes for the orphans etc. I would also love to be involved in more Event Speaking and Concerts festivals or praise events for charity or other worthwhile causes. If you feel that I could fit in with anything that you are planning for the future then you can contact me through any of the websites below. • • Your brother and servant in Christ joseph beggs Psalm 118:14 The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.


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Free Christmas song Download

By Joseph Beggs, 2011-11-23

Joseph Beggs

I will be bringing out a new Christmas single which will be available for free download to all called - Praise God for Christmas Day. If you know of any radio stations that would like a copy e-mailed to them drop me an e-mail address or if anyone has any contacts at any radio stations pass the song on to them. I believe in this time of recession it is a blessing to give especially at Christmas time when many souls in this world need to be encouraged and know that the Lord is there in their time of need .A time to remember that free gift of salvation that was given to us all with the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem, no locks on the door, accessible to all 24/7.
The song will be available for free download from

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Kuwait Gospel Outreach to the Troops!!

By Joseph Beggs, 2012-01-26

I would like to ask for your help and your vote in support for this wonderful cause. I know it would be a blessing to encourage the troops in song from the Lord as they serve their country in far of lands.

This is the first time I have ever asked for support or votes for any cause but I believe the troops that give so much in service to their country deserve the best that we can give also. As you read through this opportunity to witness to the troops you will see that there is a prize of $1000. Sorry but if you know the real me if chosen for this event that $1000 can go to the troops charities or their families, the opportunity to encourage souls is the real reward for me.

If you would like to support me in this just click on the link below and mention my name and help spread the word.

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The Resurrection What Do You Believe?

By Joseph Beggs, 2012-04-07

In Christianity the resurrection is a fundamental truth on which Christianity stands.
In Matthew 22:37 Christians are told to believe with all their heart soul and mind.

They are not told to committ intellectual suicide but to always be ready to give an answer 1st Peter 3:15.

When Police Officers are investigating any incident they take statements of evidence from all witness to find out the full circumstances of all that occurred and to give a full picture of the event.

We shall now examine 4 witness accounts in the same way of the resurrection itself.

W shall look at 4 witness perspectives which will give us a full picture of the event.

1/ The Angels witness- Truth...

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USA Trip 2012

By Joseph Beggs, 2012-09-18

Just some of the events planned for my trip Stateside

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Ignite Conference 2013

By Joseph Beggs, 2013-02-01


Conference Dates Announced

March 15-17th The Old Chapel, Manor Park Grove, NORTHFIELD B31 5ER

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New Christmas song - free download

By Joseph Beggs, 2013-10-28
                                                          Christmas Day - joseph beggs

At this time of year when many families are still struggling through recession one of the joys we can all share in is the joy of Christmas. Not the commercial side of Christmas but the giving side just as God the father gave to us that free ... gift of salvation in his beloved son Jesus Christ. Christmas is a special time when music can encourage us all and draw us into the real meaning of Christmas. A time when we can come together as a family young and old near and far were love peace and the joy of Christmas can fill our hearts. My gift to you this Christmas time is a new song called quite simply - Christmas Day My prayer is that this little Christmas song that the Lord has gifted me to...
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