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Kelly's album "My Love" is nominated for a Covenant Award for Country/Bluegrass album of the year 2011 via GMA Canada. Kelly's also Nominated for a Black Essence Award 2010! After having to fight a battle with Cervical Cancer that had spread in her body, Kelly was writing a thank-you note to all who had been praying for her, as she was reading her note back, she felt that the words would be a good song, "God's Been Good To Me" it was from that moment, Kelly realized she could write songs, she started putting music to them and here we are, Promoting them to you! Kelly's got 3 albums out "Up in Heaven" ~"Get Set Free" and the latest New release is "Change" with 5 crossover tunes on it. 1 official video is out "God Please Help Me" with more on the way. ...less


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Get Set Free

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Get Set Free
T. Roy Taylor
09/03/21 01:03:21PM @t-roy-taylor:

      Kelly Manu has hit #1 on "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" chart with her song "Up In Heaven"         becoming "Artist of the Month" in July 2021 and is also presently on

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country Top 20" with the same song! This song "Get Set Free" could be another chart climber! FOLLOW Kelly Manu on her page and request her songs on KEN RICH's Radio Show to show your support for our talented sister!


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