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Laurie Marks Vincent is a Christian speaker, inspirational author, songwriter, recording artist and a 3 time award winning vocalist through secular and regional competitions.  With a number of national television appearances in the past, she is a Christian Music artist who uses all of her gifts from the platform to powerfully communicate a message that challenges the strong and lifts the weary. Women's ministries and general audiences alike are moved by her ministry through her ability to effectively reach people where ever they are in life. Her own personal journey and testimony of emotional and physical healing is a powerful tool that has stirred hearts in faith to receive from God. Laurie's ministry motto is "More Than Just a Song". Her desire is to reach people with a message of purpose, destiny and healing. It is the very thing we are all reaching for in our relationship with God. Married to Scott Vincent, together they have two boys and live in Canada.


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GET AIRPLAY- radio promotion for Indie Gospel Artists.

By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2013-01-09

If your music is ready for radio, On Christian Radio has special offers that could help the exposure of your music and ministry. All styles of Christian music are welcomed!

I've joined forces with On Christian Radio, to bring you radio promotion that is especially for the Independent Christian music artist.

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Regular price is $11.99 per month and press releases average of about $150.00 each month so the value can really add up after 6 months.

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(NOTE: If you join after January 16th, you'll simply be added to the February email blast instead of January's email blast to the radio stations)

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YOUR SONG in the Monthly Music Report

By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2013-06-12

Just passing this along to you ...


The Monthly Christian Music Report to almost 2000 Christian Radio contacts includes: Your song linked up with a short "write-up" about you and your song, in our Monthly Music Report to Christian Radio in Canada and the United States. (approx. 2000 contacts)   Station download results reported back to you. (See an example of what radio contacts see when they check your music)

We have room for one more artist this month!

SPECIAL $99.00

Submit your song to be considered for the next E-blast.

Your song is promoted in the music library available for radio stations to download for 4 weeks and then remains there for stations to find and download later. You can even promote your song again and get a Discount $79.99 --- Download reports sent to you.   We invoice you online (pay later - 10 days grace)

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(parts 2, 3 & 4 follow below)

We all desire for God to use us to our fullest capacity. We desire to write music that glorifies him and to be available wherever he may lead us and to use our music as it will honor him.  However, the majority of ministries lack the ability to see a greater goal past what they are doing right now.  If you see something bigger, it may require steps that you haven’t thought of. Perhaps you may not even know what you’re looking for.  We will cover that in a later article.

Here’s a back to the basic look at how to grow your ministry with attributes that reap heavenly and earthly rewards.

1)  Surrender your whole life to God

2)  Surrender your gift to God

3)  Surrender your ministry to God

The next practical step is to catch a vision or desire that you would like to see in your ministry. Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision down and make it plain on tablets for the vision is yet for an appointed time.  Where do you see you and your music in the next year?  How would you like God to use you?  Now write that down and save it in your Bible.  It may not be exactly what God has in mind but through this exercise, it’s hoped that God would speak to your heart and over time, he will establish the vision and steps for your ministry with more clarity. (Proverbs 16:9) You can save a more detailed version of what God speaks to your heart about.  Place it in a place where you’ll remember to go back and read it in the future. This will help you keep your eyes and heart focused forward to the future.

Biblical Principles for Gaining Increase in Your Ministry   -- Part 2 –

In Part One, the key word was “Surrender”. Nothing can begin to move forward unless you are totally surrendered to God, in your gift and calling. "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it." (Matthew 16:25, NIV) It sounds scary, but surrender—complete obedience to God—is what's required of us to clean out what’s holding us back. It will also be the key to moving forward.

If we are not surrendered, then when God throws a twist in our plans, it can be hard to see what he is requiring of us, or what steps that he wants us to take next. It’s hard enough when we are surrendered and then God asks us to do something that is hard to swallow or requires greater faith and trust in him. We have a plan but God will always add the details, unexpected turns and may even provide a detour on our way to prepare us for what he has planned for us in the future. Everything that he sets before us, is for preparation of his perfect will. If his perfect will is what we desire, then the key is to surrender not just once, but also at each step of the journey. This is actually true and can be applied to any area of our lives.

It is important to remember that you are endeavoring to walk in “the calling” that God has planned for you. It is not really YOUR ministry. It is your personal “calling” that only you can walk in, because it was especially laid out for you, before you were born by the Creator.

Biblical Principles for Gaining Increase in Your Ministry -- Part 3 –

God has called you. You are his child and his plan is perfect for you. You desire his perfect will and therefore you’re going to fulfill the “calling” that he has in mind for you. That calling could be as simple as how he wants you to fulfill your role as a Mother or Father. Since we’re talking about ministry, let’s focus on what God requires us to do in order to fulfill that calling.

Point 1) WHO   If you believe that God has called you to music ministry, then who will you be ministering to? Will you be ministering to singles, couples, or general audience at church? Will your music have an evangelistic nature to win souls for Christ? Are you called to music ministry as a worship leader? Know and understand who your audience is.

Your first endeavor is to please God first with your heart in the right place and then to honor him with your gift, How do we honor God with our gift?

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

Point 2) HOW   It’s true that our music, the lyrics and our life should all reflect the truth found in the Word of God. However, there is a little key point in this scripture that cannot be ignored. The key words are “a worker who does not need to be ashamed”. This is in direct relationship with knowing the word of truth, but is also related to our calling. If we are called to music ministry, then we need to know our gift, take care of it and hone it with excellence. We honor God by taking the gift that he’s given us, and learning the necessary skills to polish our gift. Many people say "Well I sing with the voice God gave me, why do I need to take voice lessons, or how could I think that I should do better than with what he has already given me?" He deserves the best from our heart as well as the gift that he has blessed us with. Scripture says that David played “skillfully”.

“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Psalm 33:3

Point 3) WHY   We honor God in how we present our gift, with a "right spirit with in us" (Psalm 51:10) and how we communicate through our gift and who we're communicating to, through our gift.  Look for opportunities to stretch your gift and calling, challenge your abilities to craft and hone your gift. Why?  Pursue excellence in the gift that he has entrusted to you in order to fulfill and be ready to maximize the plans and purposes in the days to come, that God has for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Biblical Principles for Gaining Increase in Your Ministry   -- Part 4 –

  "The Who, What, Where For and Why"  -- 

We are serving others, and serving God through the gift that he has entrusted to us. It is exciting to see God touch hearts as we minister.  This is truly a blessing that can leave you on “cloud nine”.  However, with our feet back on the ground,  I’m referring to the practical application or our faith. Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17)

We have all heard the saying “We reap what we sow”.  Jesus talks about this in Luke 6:38. He advises us that for our giving there will be a good measure back to us that runs over what we have previously given.  As a matter of fact, from verses 27-38 Jesus’ message is about love and giving.  These must be two very powerful principles when applied together!   What is love unless there is giving involved?  After all, it was God’s love for us that caused him to sacrifice his son to the cross, and the love of Jesus that caused him the sacrifice of trading his eternal glory for the cross.  Why?  It’s because he knew that the end result was a greater reward than the sacrifice.   I repeat, “the end result was a greater reward than the sacrifice.”

When the budget is tight to do the things we need to do, recording, travelling costs, whatever it may be, the first thing we must do is trust God to supply.  Trust is a matter of faith. You must have faith in something or someone in order to trust them.  So put your faith in action and sow in faith where your need is.   This can and is likely quite a sacrifice for all of us.  It’s also easy to ignore a need that is presented to us, but we all know that what we have done to the least of them, we have done it unto him also and God is so blessed by this. (Matthew 25:40).

Here we are back to item number one of this series, the key word, “surrender”.  You cannot follow through with an act of obedience if you are not surrendered.  Sacrifice is an act of obedience and this law of sowing and reaping is demonstrated throughout scripture. Support other ministries and God will honor your giving and open a harvest for you too.   We may not have much but even one penny given in the right attitude is pleasing to God.  It is as pleasing as $500.00 that is given by those who are pleased in having much to give.

It is good to plan your giving intentionally as you give your tithes to the Lord. Also plan your offerings intentionally. Put aside a little at a time, to intentionally give and sow into other people’s dreams and callings. You will see your own ministry grow, receiving blessing and reaping a harvest. Giving in any way, our time, our possessions, our food, is wonderful, but whatever you sow, you also reap. Giving breaks the chains of poverty and releases a blessing.  It’s a practice that I’m working hard to follow through on, and I am seeing how God opens the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing. God wants to bless us as we bless others.  He is a good Father to his children.

The Bottom Line:  You will reap what you sow. 

The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having ALL SUFFICIENCY IN ALL THINGS AT ALL TIMES, you may ABOUND IN EVERY GOOD WORK.  2 Corinthians 9:6-8 ESV 

Be faithful to be obedient, making sacrifices, and taking joy in giving and supporting one another.  This will reap benefits and God will honor you by opening doors for your ministry that no man can shut.

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Missing In Action

By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2014-02-10

Hello Indie Gospel Friends

I've been missing in action, for quite some time, but God has had me focused on a very isolated area of ministry right now.

My ministry has shifted to Womens Ministry but not exclusively, speer-heading the "Afternoon Splash" Womens Conference

I am also overwhelmed in a recording project, writing new songs, and also writing articles and books with some hopeful prospects coming in the future. 

I am also STILL working on fundraising for the current project. "The Love Life DVD Project"  about one of the most important social issues "abortion" and "abstinence" that weighs down our culture. It is often not regarded as being a sacred "action" with priority on the top of the list for Christians.  It's been more than a year working on this project when it could have already impacted hundreds to thousands of people if it were already done.  I'm discouraged with this project yet I know that this subject is always an uphill battle. You can visit this project here

It's amazing that when I think about it.... $10.00 from every person on my facebook page would complete this project in the next two months including the technical aspects of the project. We can do so much for God's kingdom but we don't see the potential that the influence of "unity" has. Yet I've seen the goodwill of the community who are not Christian, raise thousands of dollars in just a matter of days.  You can imagine why I'm discouraged but I'm not defeated. God's timing is perfect.

The one thing that makes me roll my eyes is when Christian artists try to "sell" to Christian artists. Knowing we're all in the same race, trying to "make it' (whatever that means to you personally), when each has their own music to contend with.  To support one another with sharing, strengthening and encouragement is so important, but we all seem to be "starving artists" who can't monetarily affect each other's ministries.  Why?... when God has made a way?

I want to share with you some things about this last year. This last year, I have worked hard to get a charitable organization off the ground and on it's feet, without any pay. I put aside looking for booking opportunities that I would normally have made a fair income from and have had no income for basically the last year. My husband has been on "temp" work, here and there at minimum wage while we have trusted God to provide for a family of 4 plus a new grand baby on the way. The mother Katie also moved in during the transition and so we were feeding 5 mouths on one income at minimum wage.  Yes God did miracles and carried our mortgage, even reducing our interest rate on our mortgage and enabling us to renew it early.  Although Katie and my son Brandon have now moved into their own apartment awaiting the birth of their baby, we are still helping them with extra funds as Brandon's job has not been full time.  They have tapped every community resource and things will get better but this has taken a toll on my husband and I financially.  Please understand, I'm not crying a river, but I'm merely explaining what this last year has been like, so that you will understand what I will share with you next.

Each one of us has an important role to play in our ministries and who God has purposed for us to touch through our ministries.  I'm determined to build something that will help each of us.  I've started experimenting with the set up of a "get paid to click advertisements on my website".  The concept is simple. I will be paid for ads that are clicked on and paid even more if the person who clicks on the ad, actually buys something. As the person that clicks on the ad, you will not pay anything for just clicking on an ad.  

If you are willing to partner with me and perhaps set up your own website with ads, I will also return the favor to help you as well.  To get started, the process is simple. I will be advertising through my ministry newsletter that will provide a link to a devotional page (that will eventually have these ads on the page).  Simply go the link provided below and sign up to receive my newsletter. (There is a devotional there as well for you to enjoy that I have written.) If you decide to place ads on your website and need for me to return the favor with clicks on your website, then please let me know and I will follow through.  

Sometimes God gives us crazy ideas, but when help seems thin and he will help us find other ways. This is the best way that I know to help one another and help further our ministries for the Kingdom of God. It may take some time to get the wrinkles worked out, but I really believe that the Lord led me to find this.  

Here is the link to join my newsletter or simply just enjoy a devotional to encourage your ministry.

Blessings in Christ,

Laurie Marks Vincent

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Coming Soon

By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2014-03-23

COMING IN APRIL - My new book will be released. It's my 13 year struggle with Fibromyalgia - true life story of a miracle. It's expected to be released late April. TUNE IN to 700 Club Canada during Easter week to hear more about it.  Comes just prior to my new CD release later this year.  

I have also had the privilege of seeing the pre-screening of the movie "Heaven Is For Real". I will be writing a review for it that you will be able to read from my blog in April.

Lots of news and exciting opportunities in the future to share with you. You can simply sign up at my website "Join Laurie's Newsletter" at  -- I pray that you'll come along for the ride and be inspired as you discover more and share together.



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A Little Inspiration -- Live video footage

By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2014-05-20

Hey Friends of Indie Gospel

We just recently uploaded this video. It features highlights from a womens event where I ministered recently. We've compiled a mix of songs and the message from the evening. I'm sure that men can find something that will be a blessing too. :)

I pray that it's a blessing and encourages you in your faith.  

It may also be a great example of a promotional style video, for any artists that feel this would be a helpful idea for your ministry.

Many blessings

Laurie Marks Vincent

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By Laurie Marks Vincent, 2014-07-29


Just letting everyone know that a brand new FREE network for Christian Artists has started in order to help promote independent Christian Artists, their ministries, recordings, videos and m ore.

I JOINED AND WANTED TO PASS THIS ON TO YOU. This has never been done quite like this before and it seems to have many great benefits. There are no catches. This is a completely FREE SUPPORT SYSTEM, networking Christian Artists to work together.  

I understand that this was released ahead of schedule and so it may have a few glitches but this truly is a "God's kingdom building" concept. Just passing it along. Please check it out at

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