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I am a Christian Author ( search BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield on Evangelist/Bible Teacher, Christian Music singer/songwriter, and Internet Radio Show Host.


Location: Bamberg, SC
Zipcode: 29003
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Bring in Your Presence

album: Heart of a Prophet
streams: 96

Bring in Your Presence
T. Roy Taylor
06/06/21 12:05:25PM @t-roy-taylor:

Matthew 25 - Martha Clayton Banfield - Your song "Bring In Your Presence" that hit #1 in March 2021on

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel TOP 20", has been selected to be on:

"T. Roy Taylor's Artist of the Month" list.

Go to my page and click on "PAGES" to download your well deserved Award Certificate!


T. Roy Taylor -

T. Roy Taylor
05/02/20 08:40:56PM @t-roy-taylor:

Welcome Marty to " T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20"!


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