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I am a Christian Author ( search BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield on Evangelist/Bible Teacher, Christian Music singer/songwriter, and Internet Radio Show Host.


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Living in the Last Days

album: Living In The Last Days
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Living in the Last Days
T. Roy Taylor
07/01/21 10:02:03AM @t-roy-taylor:

CONGRATULATIONS! Martha Clayton Banfield is the 2nd artist to claim the #1 spot on our new country chart for July 2021!:

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country TOP 20"

With her powerful spirit filled song, "Living In The Last Days"! This song entered our new country chart at #2  in June 2021. Martha is also a book author. Contact Martha on her page here and hit her " Follow" button and request her songs at KEN RICH's Radio Show!


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