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I am a Christian Author ( search BOOKS, then Martha Clayton Banfield on Evangelist/Bible Teacher, Christian Music singer/songwriter, and Internet Radio Show Host.


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3 Fold Cord- Marty Clayton Banfield

Duration: 00:04:02
This song was given to me by the Lord, for men and women in Christ, who might be going through rough times as a couple. If you put Jesus between you, nothin...
T. Roy Taylor
05/03/20 01:03:24AM @t-roy-taylor:

If you're a couple, turn off the TV, turn off the Radio and shut out the world and go to your

Secret Hiding Place within you that only you can enter and....LISTEN.... To this song.

James Banfield
05/21/10 01:06:26PM @james-banfield:
I love it... but then I think I might be a bit predijuice.. sure was fun doing this song .... LOL James


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