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Experience Divine Harmony with Psalmist SylMac's Newest Release "The Lord's Prayer"

user image 2024-02-08
By: Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Posted in: Blog Contributor

The Lord's Prayer

Embark on an uplifting narrative surrounding the impending launch of Psalmist SylMac's newest rendition, "The Lord's Prayer," scheduled for debut on February 17, 2024 . Join in the jubilation as we commemorate the profound message of faith and commitment conveyed by this gospel recording luminary. Experience firsthand her divine muse and unwavering commitment to the musical craft, as she invites us into her spiritual journey.

Psalmist SylMac

The Story Behind The Song

Psalmist SylMac's musical journey has been one guided by faith and a profound connection to gospel hymns. In the midst of the pandemic, she felt a divine calling to initiate a prayer line, where praising and worshipping God became a cornerstone. It was during these moments of spiritual connection that the seeds of "The Lord's Prayer" were sown.

In a moment of divine inspiration, Psalmist SylMac woke one Saturday morning with a melody on her lips, crafting the initial four-sentence chorus of what would become "My Soul Sings." Despite its humble beginnings, the chorus resonated deeply with her prayer line community, igniting a spark of encouragement from peers and loved ones to transform it into a complete song.

The turning point came during a poignant drive home from the Farmers Market, where the Holy Spirit infused Psalmist SylMac's spirit with the melodic essence of "The Lord's Prayer." With unwavering faith and determination, she intricately merged the heartfelt chorus of "My Soul Sings" with the sacred verses of The Lord's Prayer, creating a seamless fusion of praise and devotion.

Experience the Journey

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of Psalmist SylMac's "The Lord's Prayer" by joining her on a spiritual journey through her prayer line. Connect with fellow believers in uplifting sessions led by Psalmist SylMac herself, fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth .

Psalmist SylMac

  • Join Psalmist SylMac's Prayer Line:

    • Phone Line: Free conference call 978-990-5000 (#390819) Schedule: Mon-Sat, 7:00-8:00 PM Pacific time
    • Zoom: 843 1591 4371, Passcode: Adonai Schedule: Sunday, 7:00-8:00 PM Pacific time  

Connect with Psalmist SylMac Online

Stay updated with Psalmist SylMac's latest releases , events, and inspirational messages by following her on social media and visiting her official website.



Experience the transformative power of faith and music with Psalmist SylMac's "The Lord's Prayer." Join her in spreading the message of hope, unity, and devotion as her soulful melodies resonate with audiences worldwide.


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