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Law vs Grace in the New Covenant

Law vs  Grace in the New Covenant

Law vs Grace in the New Covenant

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256 Grace plus nothing or grace that comes by a faith which is alive with works? We know that faith without works is dead but does that mean faith is strengthened by works (like a muscle), or is it simply demonstrated by works? Can't it be both not either or?

One of the things brought forward by the eminent New Testament Scholar Bishop NT Wright in his version of what has become known as the New Perspective On Paul is the affirmation and embracing of a works based judgement.

Whatever else one might say about the New Perspective On Paul,   there is no doubt that a works based judgement is taught throughout scripture, such that a professed faith that doesn't produce works is not salvific - it's dead. Sin must be BOTH atoned for and warred against. We are given power to overcome sin and to work righteousness, not to continue in sin, do nothing to help others. then expect to be forgiven regardless.

What role does freewill have to play? Did the reformers get it right or did they shun unBibilical Catholic penances, sacraments, and works so strenuously, that the pendulum has swung too far? Was the role of good deeds, of Biblical works of righteousness, lost in the stampede away from Rome's excesses and heresies? Does a 2 minute prayer at the altar make one once saved always saved ? Is easy believism or cheap grace being taught in your Church? Do your deeds show you to be born of love? 


Law vs Grace in the New Covenant

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