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Creator of the Indie Gospel network and one of its contributing artists.



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@Roger Todd, 11/14/18 08:50:09PM
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@Anonymous Sinner, 06/27/18 10:35:37PM
Hello Ken, check out the video for my book

Cool...Hope the book does well, people CAN change...
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@Brian Samuels, 06/12/16 04:08:09AM
I really like your page Ken !
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@Hisword, 10/26/15 12:16:05AM
Bless you ken. Sound great and inspiring. Wayne Sanelli
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@Donna Hise, MBA, 06/16/15 08:31:21PM
The Spirit of the Lord is Here. - djG
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@Barry Winslow, 04/27/15 10:59:37PM
Blessings Ken. Thanks for the following's appreciated deeply.
God is still in charge my friend. And we'll all keep praising Him greatly.
In HIm
Barry Teena