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Creator of the Indie Gospel network and one of its contributing artists.



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Web Design & Custom Work

Web Design & Custom Work

Responsive website creation, domain mapping, custom graphics, ghostwriting, advertising, data entry.

On Indie Gospel, the "self-serve" tools exist, along with "how to" videos and FAQ's. However, if you would rather pay to get properly set-up (or for custom work) that can sometimes be arranged. Please send details of what you need to be done to and if time permits I will give a price quote.

I have built or edited many HTML websites with Webstudio 5, designed a Ning network,  worked with Go Daddy, WIX and other site builders, built two radio stations, and currently build on the Jamroom platform due to its responsive design and development tools. The network you are on now serves is a sample of my work.

I do video, audio, and photo editing, and can ghostwrite or edit text. I have two servers to host your site on, one provides full c-panel access, the other allows sftp only. 

I am usually quite busy working on Ministry projects so it is quite possible I will refuse work even though I can really use the money. Use the page to let me know you are interested. I can do a toll-free phone consultation and provide an estimate based on $20 hourly rate - if I am available.


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