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Casualties of War

album: Songs from a Sinner
genre: CCM
streams: 37
audio file: mp3, 10.6MB, 00:04:38


Sometimes I feel the pain
Now I feel it once again
It's like walking through a cold dark winter's rain.
Sometimes I wonder why
Grown men are made to cry
Strong hearts broken, tears they can't deny.
I was thinking just today
Of how she walked away
And all the foolish games that people play. (Chorus)

The things my eyes have seen
That haunt me in my dreams
Heartless deeds so callous, cold, so mean
There's many worse than me,
Who suffer constantly
Starving, maimed, diseased, humanity.
I've watched them from afar
I've wondered how they are
And every time I do it leaves a scar. (Chorus)

I know that this is war
And what we're fighting for
So I'll fight the good fight on and on some more.
I'll try to clear my mind
And I'll find peace for a time
But the pain and heartache's never far behind
I long for your return
For your Kingdom come I yearn
Where sorrow, sin, and evil, have been burned. (Chorus)

Lord I feel I just can't take much more,
This sin-sick world has cut me to the core,
Come back soon we need you more and more,
Heal us Lord - the casualties of war . . .

Casualties of War


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