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Stinky Clay

album: Songs from a Sinner
genre: CCM
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audio file: mp3, 6.9MB, 00:03:00

Stinky Clay

Lord, I'm just stinky clay

You found me in the ditch where I lay

I don't know why you love me

Or what you're making of me

But I'll shine like a diamond someday

This stinky clay....


Lord, I've been down some roads

Should hang my head in shame, goodness knows

Honky-tonks and fast women, party time, ya I was sinnin'

Been so low, looked up and saw my toes,

Ya goodness knows... (CHORUS)

Lord, there ain't no saving face

Cause I'm in need of your amazing grace

So listen now to my appeal, put me on your potter's wheel

Spin me round 'til I am brand new, cause I'm just goo.

Stinky Clay
Ron Gesch
08/27/21 10:39:35AM @ron-gesch:

Great Sound! I like the vocal. Nice Mix and Mastering!

01/03/18 11:44:26PM @highway-to-heaven:

I like Catchy Tunes.


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