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album: Songs from a Sinner
genre: CCM
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Revelation - four horsemen ride
Destruction follows their every stride
Revelation - heavenly signs
The time has come no place to hide
Revelation - no man can stay
The march of time, to the Lord's Day
Revelation - he breaks the seals
The trumpet sounds, a mighty peal

Revelation - the woman who rides
The fearsome beast from the ocean's tide
Revelation - deceptive lies
The false prophet in saintly guise
Revelation - a divine view
Of troubles times, to see us through
Revelation - shall come to pass
Until the Lord returns at last

Revelation - Great Babylon
Fall you haunt for the Devil's spawn
Revelation - Satan’s pawn
Where has the blood of the Martyr's gone
Revelation - so long obscure
Is now unveiled, the meaning sure
Revelation - events unfold
Before our eyes as was foretold

Revelation - the Lord returns
A mighty sword and eyes that burn
Revelation - the sight we yearn
He comes in Glory His Kingdom earned

Ken Rich
03/11/24 11:09:51PM @ken-rich:

Thanks, glad you like it... goofy-1

Big Heart Dude
03/11/24 11:05:23PM @big-heart-dude:

Glad I stumbled across this song you’ve done Ken. Thanks for the great message. 


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