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I feel called to the "Biker Ministry" as a musician in the service of God.



"Sow the Seed" at Sturgis

"Sow the Seed" at Sturgis

Saturday August 1 2009, 9:30 PM
@ Sturgis - South Dakota, Sturgis - Biker Rally

Every year, I ride to Sturgis, to witness for Christ to the Biker World. This year I will leave on the 22 or 23 of July, and take a long route from Virginia, through Montana, and Wyoming. Experience has taught me, there are many witnessing opportunities on the road.

I will be performing Gospel music, handing out my Biker Ministry video " Dead End Road ", my CD " The Road Warrior ", Gospel tracts, and witnessing personally - to top level members of Biker Clubs.

Please pray that souls will be won through these efforts!

If you can help financially, please click this picture below, and donate at my official site. This Ministry entails many costs, such as gas, hotels, printing for tracts, manufacturing of disks, and so on.

Thanks for your support,

Rey Perez

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Sow the Seed

Ken Rich
07/07/09 02:30:24PM @ken-rich:
I said it before and I'll say it again. I believe that God has anointed you to be a light, in a very dark place indeed! So few among us, would have the courage to go where you go, and do what you do! The respect you have earned in the Biker Community, speaks volumes about the man behind the music, and the Ministry! May God add his blessing to your efforts!

Michael Bushilla
07/20/09 07:05:43PM @michael-bushilla:
See you at the Freebikewash in Sturgis Bro. Love you man!


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