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The Guiding Light

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The Guiding Light
His Word
07/28/16 11:29:20PM @the-word-of-the-lord:

Guiding Light (Words & Music: Wayne Sanelli © 2010)

I'm so thankful, I've got you anytime of night or day
I can call you
It's such a blessing to have you here
You know my father, he's so sincere
I know he loves
I know he loved me
And everything going to be alright

My holy father he lives in heaven
Howl be they name
His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Love is the guiding light
Open up your hearts tonight
Be hold the day has come
When the darkness will turn to light

@ Melodic Solo

My fathers house has many room
And truth is the truth in the eye of the hurricane
You are the salt, like the fig tree on the earth
If the Sun sets you free, your free my friend

I've had the honor, to do my fathers will
He turns water into wine
And he'll bless you and love you
Love you day and night

Today salvation has come to our house
Oh brothers you are the sons of Abraham
Oh Jesus came to seek and save what was lost
Oh thank you
Thank you
Thank you Jesus

Yes love is The Guiding light
All you got to do is open up your soul tonight
Be strong and behold the day has come
Now the darkness has turned to light

(Spoken at end:) Yes I love you Jesus (Thank You)


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