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Know the Bible History Better

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-29

After the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, the publication of texts got a big boost. During those early years of printing, there were many takers for the Latin Bible. However, things changed after the Gutenberg Bible was printed in 1455. It was followed by 90+ other editions of the Vulgate, some of which came equipped with commentary, and were published by presses spread across Europe.

The 15th and early 16th centuries in Europe are marked by significant intellectual change, which had a direct impact on the Bible’s availability and accessibility in the vernacular language to the commoners. 

Tracing the Bible History

The first hand-written Bible manuscripts in English were produced by John Wycliffe in the 1380’s AD. Wycliffe was a leading theologian and scholar of his time, who believed the organized Church's...

People buy rare Bibles for sale driven by varied reasons. Some may plan to procure a rare Bible that can be passed down generations as an heirloom. Others could buy one as an investment or give it away as a gift.

Whatever be your reason for buying antique Bibles for sale , it will be wise to know about certain factors to ensure you understand what you are buying and can negotiate a better deal.

Decide on the Size and Check the Collation

From folio Bibles and quarto bibles to octavo Bibles, old Bibles for sale are available in different sizes. If more than one size is available for your chosen Bible, you need to decide the one you want to buy. Knowing about the collation is also crucial as it lets you decide the version or edition of the Bible and whether any of its pages are missing.

Be Aware of...

If you don’t have a copy of the Bible at your home and plan to buy one, you could consider buying a rare and old Bible instead of your standard copy. Even if you already have a Bible but want to procure another rare copy, it pays to know a few things before investing in an antique piece.

Three Things to Remember When Buying an Old Bible

Shortlist the Size  Huge sheets of paper were used to make  old Bibles of the ancient era . These sheets were folded in half for a folio Bible, thus creating 2 leaves or 4 pages. For quarto Bibles, the sheets were folded in half twice, thus giving rise to 4 leaves or 8 pages. By folding the sheets in half three times, octavo Bibles with 16 pages or 8 leaves were created.

When planning to  buy an old Bible , you should check...

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In the history of Bible translations, the Geneva Bible occupies a special place. It preceded the KJV ( King James Version ) by 51 years. Considered the most influential Bible, which was also the primary Bible of 16th century Protestantism, the Geneva Bible found its users in Oliver Cromwell, William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, John Donne, and John Knox.

This was the first English Bible that had its scriptures segregated into numbered verses. Since its publication was an enormous achievement, owning the  1560 Geneva Bible  is worth every dime you spend to acquire it. But not everyone will find its steep price affordable.

For them, a facsimile reproduction of the Geneva Bible will be worth considering. This Bible was widely read throughout the 16th and 17th centuries...

Where to Buy the 1611 King James Bible Facsimile

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-12

Buying an antique Bible like the 1611 KJV may not be possible for everyone despite their desire to own the original piece. However, you don’t need to feel disheartened as a 1611 King James Bible facsimile can be the best alternative to buying the original. This way, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank and yet own a piece of history.

Whether you want to buy a 1611 King James Bible facsimile for your personal library or give it away as a gift to a friend or family member, you should be careful about where you buy it from. This is especially true if you are buying a rare Bible for the first time and don’t know the things you should check to ensure it’s indeed an authentic facsimile of the 1611 KJV.

It always helps to know a few things about the original book when you are planning to buy its facsimile, and it’s no...

Why Should You Own the 1611 KJV Bible?

By GreatsiteDotCom, 2022-12-07

The 1611 KJV Bible continued its popular run for over 400 years. Even today, those looking for rare and antique Bibles would almost die to have them in their collection. It’s a collectible that’s worth displaying in your personal library or even gift to your loved ones.

Also called the King James Bible or King James Version , this 1611 Bible is perhaps the world’s most printed book and has become a dominant Bible ever since it was published. If you plan to buy it, it will be prudent to know its features, what makes it so special, and find a reliable dealer of rare and antique Bibles.

If you can’t wait to own a part of history by getting the 1611 KJV Bible , here are a few things you should know about it.

How Did the...

William Tyndale was the first man to print the New Testament in English. The 1536 Tyndale New Testament was the most elaborate and last edition done before Tyndale died in October of the same year. This Bible has outstanding woodcut illustrations and a Gothic blackletter typeface that bears resemblance to calligraphy and evokes a medieval feel.

What Made Tyndale Print the New Testament in English?

Tyndale got educated at the University of Oxford and took up an instructor’s job at the University of Cambridge. While working there, he started meeting some humanist scholars at the White Horse Inn in 1521. Soon, Tyndale became convinced that the church’s doctrines and practices should be determined by the Bible alone and that all believers should be capable of reading the Bible in their own language.

This prompted him to start working on a New Testament translation in 1523. He translated directly from Greek. After England’s church...

Johann Gutenberg was a German skilled in engraving and metalworking. He and his associates, Peter Schoeffer and Johann Fust, printed the Gutenberg Bible in Germany’s Mainz in 1455. Thus, Gutenberg made the scriptures potentially accessible to every individual. According to some sources, just 48 copies of the Gutenberg Bible are known to have survived, of which 36 are printed on paper and 12 on vellum. To own a piece of history, you can get a facsimile reproduction of the Gutenberg Bible.

The Gutenberg Bible in Latin text is a two-volume work, which was printed in 42-line columns. During the later stages of this Bible’s production, six compositors worked on it simultaneously. Sometimes, the Gutenberg Bible is called the Mazarin Bible, because the first copy that the bibliographers described was located in Cardinal Mazarin’s Paris-based library.

Knowing Johann Gutenberg...

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