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That's When Love

album: Songs from a Sinner
genre: CCM
streams: 3,019

That's When Love

And so you say

You feel a little lost today

Like all your hopes and dreams slipped away...


And now

It's time to face the pain

The mask has dropped that covered up your shame...


And the tears begin to flow

Cause deep inside you know

Your broken heart is the seed you've sown...


Still your Father up above

Is holding out his arms in love

Waiting for your heart to let him in...


He sees you struggle in the night

Trying to find the will to fight

Ashamed you cannot seem to overcome...


And that's when love

Sweet love

The God of love

Fills you up again...


Life is hard
Like a fool you dropped your guard

The pain inside is like a broken shard...


You lost your way

Deep regret is the price you pay

Now doubt and fear cast shadows on your day...


Storm tossed on a desert Isle

Your ship of faith has lost its smile

The joy of life has somehow passed you by...


Remembering the worn clichés

That shined so bright in better days

You wonder why they no longer inspire...


With shattered pride and open shame

You call upon his Holy name

In bitter tears you kneel before the throne...

(Repeat Chorus)

That's When Love
12/16/22 11:19:03PM @asemaj7:

Great Song Ken,  Best! Congrats! smile-1

Ken Rich
12/17/22 04:15:15PM @ken-rich:

Thanks for the feedback... smile-1


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