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Laurie Marks Vincent is a Christian speaker, inspirational author, songwriter, recording artist and a 3 time award winning vocalist through secular and regional competitions.  With a number of national television appearances in the past, she is a Christian Music artist who uses all of her gifts from the platform to powerfully communicate a message that challenges the strong and lifts the weary. Women's ministries and general audiences alike are moved by her ministry through her ability to effectively reach people where ever they are in life. Her own personal journey and testimony of emotional and physical healing is a powerful tool that has stirred hearts in faith to receive from God. Laurie's ministry motto is "More Than Just a Song". Her desire is to reach people with a message of purpose, destiny and healing. It is the very thing we are all reaching for in our relationship with God. Married to Scott Vincent, together they have two boys and live in Canada.


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Everyday Miracles - About the Song

album: Love So Amazing
genre: CCM
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A little testimony about how the song Everyday Miracles was written.

Every day in Christ is a day we can expect to live in the miraculous and see it come to pass.

Everyday Miracles - About the Song


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