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Top 20 Songs

T. Roy Taylor
04/03/21 08:06:12AM @t-roy-taylor:

Galatians 6:7 God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall be also reap.

 "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20 Playlist" for April is here! The following are the first 5!

#1 Jesus Is The Rock by Barry and Teena Winslow. Another #1 for this anointed, power couple in God's army.

#2 Face to Face by Andrew Kwon. Thank you dearest brother Andrew for writing songs that engulf us in His holy presence as we listen to your throne filled songs!

#3 Three Days by Empowered. Since Easter is tomorrow I felt it appropriate to move this song to position #3 because Empowered is singing and performing about Jesus rising from the dead "... In just Three Days...!

#4 Up In Heaven by Kelly Manu. Lovely song speaking about our eternity home! Halleleujah!

#5 Everytime by Gary W. Weldon Sr.. Gary is one our many talented God gifted songwriters here at Indie Gospel. We are blessed that we are enable to enjoy his uplifting songs!

And thanks to all of our Top 20 Indie Gospel Artists for April 2021!

We do appreciate all of the Indie Gospel Artists who have uploaded your music to share with us all here on this blessed site.

T. Roy Taylor
03/03/21 11:03:42AM @t-roy-taylor:

T. Roy Taylor:

March 2021" T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" . Here's the Top 5.

#1 Martha Clayton Banfield's "Bring In Your Presence" hits our Top spot this month! A song that should be on everyone's daily playlist.

#2 Barry and Teena Winslow's "Jesus Is The Rock"brings this anointed couple into the #2 spotlight again with a catchy foot stomping tune that you can't stop playin.

#3 Andrew Kwon's "Face to Face" soaring towards the Top with another spirit filled favorite that humbles your soul. If ever God sent an anointed songwriter messenger to earth it's Andrew Kwon!

#4 Kelly Manu's "Up In Heaven" comes from a sister that has a powerful heart-felt testimony of God's saving grace. Read her bio! This song at #4 is well deserving of it's position in the Top 5 on our list.

#5 Gary W. Weldon Sr.'s "Everytime" climbs to our #5 position and is a tune that fills your heart with gladness each time you listen to it.

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ who gave us the talents we possess, we are simply his instruments for His glory-not ours, to deliver the good news message of His soon coming Kingdom to all who will listen. - T. Roy Taylor

 "I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music. " - Johann Sebastian Bach


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