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Top 20 Songs

T. Roy Taylor
05/02/20 05:59:20PM @t-roy-taylor:

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" for the month of May 2020 is now posted!!

We have added some new artists! Who? Come, See and Please Listen!

There are so many fantastic

Artists here at Indie Gospel! Just know that in God's eyes we are all Number One!

Just a few tips when recording your songs. Make sure your vocals are loud enough in your

Mix so you can understand the words. Very important! If the listener can't understand your 

Message- What's the point? Once your song is complete test it! Get feedback 

from total strangers at  your gigs by placing a jar or a box that says, "Honest Comments Wanted"

for the people who are listening to you to tell you how you sound anonymously! It will help.

That way, they will tend to be more honest with you. Have another jar or box that says 

"Band Email Mailing List".

When I record, I use a "Click Track". That's a steady beat that's beating 

the bpm(beats per minute) of the song to keep everyone in time. Because when your

recording engineer is mixing your song - he doesn't pull his hair out wondering how

he is going to fix the drummer, guitar player, bass player or vocalist speeding up or slowing down.

When you're writing new songs - be creative!  Don't pick up your acoustic guitar and

start strumming the same boring strumming pattern, with the same chords you used

to write your last song!

Break out of your box... Listen to Grammy nominated hitmakers! Have you noticed

their songs don't sound like their last hit. It's got a different beat, it may be sang lower or higher.

And, it's catchy, it's sing-along, with a hook!

Listen to our Number One artist and the other artists on our Indie Gospel Top 20.

That's a good start if you want to learn how to write ear catching songs. I hope this helps you all

and remember, The Lord can guide us, direct us and help us write and sing better and better

songs ....If we'll let Him and give it to Him in prayer.

T. Roy Taylor
03/02/20 02:42:49PM @t-roy-taylor:

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" for March 2020 is now

available!  Congratulations to all the artists!


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