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Top 20 Songs

T. Roy Taylor
02/04/21 03:57:20PM @t-roy-taylor:

Psalm 106:3 Blessed are those who uphold justice, who practice righteousness at all times. (Berean Study Bible)

 "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" for Feb 2021 is here! Here's the Top 5!

1. Speak of You by Andrew Kwon (This is Andrew's 2nd time at Number #1 on this chart!)

2. Bring In Your Presence by Martha Clayton Banfield (Martha is no stranger to being on the charts! This song's title is the way to walk daily with our King! Martha is also a book author. Go to her page and check out her music and her books!)

3. Jesus Is The Rock by Barry and Teena Winslow ( This couple keeps showing up on this Top 20 and this is their second song to enter the Top 5! And I do believe they have more songs on the way!)

4. Face To Face by Andrew Kwon (Two songs in the Top 5 at once-Amazing!)

5. Up In Heaven by Kelly Manu (Kelly's album "My Love" in 2011 was nominated for a Covenant Award for Country/Bluegrass via GMA Canada!)

Congratulations to all of our Top 20 Artists here at Indie Gospel! 

T. Roy Taylor
01/03/21 09:39:39AM @t-roy-taylor:

And CONGRATULATIONS to All the Indie Gospel Top 20 Artists for January 2021!!


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